tell me how you really feel.

My feelings about the move down to Columbia vary from day to day.  Really, minute to minute, depending on a host of things.  I mean, I know it's God's will for us, which offers a huge amount of relief to even the most stressful times - I never wonder if we're making the right choice, so there is substantial peace of mind there.

But when I'm cleaning the house to get it ready for inspection and closing, or thinking about having to pack everything up, or making a list of everything that needs to be repaired before we hand the house over to the new owners, I get super anxious.  Like, feel-like-I'm-going-to-puke anxious.  When I think about Todd still needing to find a job down there, I get a little stressed.  (Not too much, though.  God sold our house like whoa, so I'm leaving it in his hands to bring us a job.  Easy peasy for an all-powerful God.)

But there are things I'm starting to get excited about.  Like, really excited.  So I'm going to spend a few minutes to dwell on those today.

1.  Their library is big and beautiful and has a partnership with the St. Louis library, which has a partnership with the Smithsonian.  I can get behind that.

2.  Tons of wildlife preserves, nature areas, trails, lakes, etc.

3.  We get to pick out a new house and make it our own.  This comes with a few stressors of its own, but also some big fun.  So, for today, it's exciting.

4.  Backyard chickens are legal.  Whhaaaaa.

5.  There is an Azure Standard drop, lots of natural food grocery stores, and legal sources of raw milk.  It seems there are no TJ's or Costcos, which is weird to me, but I live without those things now, and I'm mostly fine and well adjusted.

6.  We'll be an hour and a half from St. Louis, and an hour and a half from Kansas City.  Tons to do.

7.  Vaccine laws and homeschool laws are exactly the same as here, so there won't be any transitions to make there, only a few forms to fill out as we change states.

8.  Columbia is, on average, 10 degrees warmer at any given time than it is here.  Y'all know I could stand a little more sunshine in my life.

9.  If Todd gets a job with a normal-person schedule (unlike his wonkadonk one now), our weekdays will be more predictable, and we'll get to spend every evening with him.  That's a move in the right direction.

10.  There's a chiropractor there that seems right up my alley.  I like my chiros a little kooky.  (In a good way.)

11. The best part of all: getting the absolute privilege of getting a front row seat to watch God spread his Gospel and grow his Church.  Who are we that God would pick us to go?  Who are we that he would send us?  Who are we that he would not only save us in the first place, but allow us to be part of his kingdom work?  We are blessed, privileged, lucky, fortunate, spoiled.  We get to move.  We get to church plant.  We get to live a life full of discomfort and upheaval and unknowns, and at the end of it all, pure abundance.


todd said...

It is an exciting adventure and I'm optimistic most days knowing with Whom it is we're on this journey.

The Jones Family said...

Thanks for being real. My husband I just made a huge leap-of-faith decision last night and I completely identify with the mix of peace of mind while simultaneously tempted to get overwhelmed in any given moment. Your resolve to trust, obey and glorify God are encouraging!

Hannah said...

Praise the Lord for his leading and your trust in him. I'm not sure of Todd's skill set but Covenant Eyes is a wonderful, growing company that offers some remote positions and has a culture changing mission. We have considered moving to Missouri in the past but for now it is Michigan :) -Hannah