the bi-weekly 'what's up.'

I didn't post one of these last week, and there has been a TON going on over the last few weeks, so this might be long.  In fact, there has been a lot going on for the last month.  Exhibit A:

UGGGGGGH.  Most of these scheduled things were/are things I love, but man alive, I'm too routine to appreciate the incredible variation the days offered me this month, and I'm tuckered out.  Here's to hoping April has just as many visits from friends, but fewer appointments and trips down to Columbia and deadlines for stuff to happen with the sale of the house.  April is for sitting back and relaxing... and oh, yeah, packing and cleaning and gearing up for May.  Oh well, someday I'll be in Heaven, where there are no home inspections and Well Child visits.  That'll be the life.

Anyway, we started last week with a visit from my friend Karlee and her husband, and their six kids.  That's right - there were eleven kids in this house, all aged seven and under, for seven hours.  And I'm not kidding you, it was the BEST time.  The kids got along great, the husbands got along great, and Karlee and I got to head to a local dealership to test drive a 12-passenger van.  You all know I had a blast.  This photo is missing two kids, if you can believe it.

Then mid-week, I drove down with all the kids to stay with my mom for a few days.  While we were down there, I got to see my grandparents (my dad's parents), which was so wonderful.  Then on Saturday, Todd and I left in the morning with Rocco to house hunt in Columbia.  If you've been reading along this week, you know how that turned out.

This week has been spent prepping for Easter.  Todd has spent time during each of the last forty-odd days reading aloud to us from The Passion of Jesus Christ by John Piper.  The kids are really enjoying it, but maybe it's mostly for the snuggle time with their Daddy.

I've also spent much of my time this week preparing for our appraisal, which will happen this morning.  (Please be praying it goes well.)

Tomorrow is my (thirtieth...eep) birthday, followed by Easter, followed by a few days of madly trying to get ready for our home inspection, followed by the possibility of another stint of house hunting.  Followed by a long, long nap and a stretch of trying to persuade my husband to take me to Puerto Rico to lay on the beach for a million years until my skin turns to leather and my troubles turn to mist.  Here's to hoping that being thirty gives me magical powers of verbal persuasion and free airfare.


todd said...

why Puerto Rico? or better yet, why not Hawaii?

paige said...

I will willingly submit to going to Hawaii. If you're putting your foot down.

todd said...

I would say I am going to use my trump card, but I don't want a trump anything.