paige van voorst hates on house hunting.

You guys!  I've missed you!  I know I've been a delinquent turd around here this past week or so, but I have a valid excuse.  We've been out of town and I didn't have the computer with me.  See?  Valid.  (Although you know I take any excuse I can to act like a turd.)

The kids and I headed down to my mom's last Wednesday to hang out for a few days.  Friday after work, Todd drove down to join us. And Saturday morning he, Rocco and I trekked from there down to Columbia for a super intense weekend of house hunting and seeing the city.

Arrrrgh, y'all.  House hunting is hard.  And unpleasant and discouraging and overwhelming and all the other words for bad stuff.  We looked at fourteen houses in less than twenty four hours.  We actually liked this one  house pretty well, and had considered making an offer on it, but then we learned the house had MAJOR foundation issues (like, they've already dumped 30k into it to keep it from collapsing, but the problems still don't seem to be fixed.  THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLARS.  Outrageous skrilla).  So clearly, we passed on that one.  The rest of them were too small, or too expensive, or too unsalvageably ugly, or just too The Worst. 

So, all that being said, we still have no house.  And the market there is kind of dead right now, so there's not really anything left to see.  I'm confident God will provide for us, which keeps me as positive as I can be in this whole situation.  I'm just curious (and impatient) to see exactly what he will provide, and when.  Will you be praying with us that he brings the perfect-for-us house soon?  I mean, like, could you take a minute right this second and pray for us?

I'll wait.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  More than anything else in this whole process, God has been teaching me to actually depend on him in tangible ways, and to actually expect him to move in response to prayer.  Please, please pray for us when you think to - we desperately need it.  None of this will come together without it.  Take pity on us and pray, pray, pray!

Or it will be your fault when we end up homeless.

Whoa, that took an unhealthy turn.  Sorry.


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always praying!

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Julia Stewart @ Daytona Buyers Agent