what's up weekly: 'totally gorg kitchen update' edition, at which you will cry great tears of joy.

This week involved a lot, as I've already mentioned - on Monday, once our house is officially under contract, I will share more of the crazy details with you of how our house sold.  But for now, I'll just have to show you what's been happening in our kitchen.

A couple of 'before' shots, with the humiliating paint swatches that have been on the walls since Laurelai was a newborn, and the crazy sloppy paint job around the benches.  We have been needing to do a facelift for quite some time.

And then our friend Stan came over with a saw, and stuff started looking up pretty quickly.

Stan and Todd got the counters installed, and I sanded and sealed them.

Then Todd got the sink and faucet installed with the help of our friend Travis.  AND OH MY WORD, IS IT NOT SO GORGEOUS YOU COULD CRAP?!

The counters have been curing all week, which is why they're still bare of useful kitchen items.  I can officially put stuff back (i.e., get them out of the entryway) today.  We still have subway tiles to install on the backsplash, floor tiles to install, and paint to slap on the walls.  I'm also needing to figure out what I want to do for the table in the breakfast nook.  But seriously - this kitchen already looks so fancy I could die.

Other than kitchen stuff, I spent much of the early part of the week cleaning like a madwoman.  Our whole basement got reorganized, which means nothing to anyone but me, but I'm pretty proud of my efforts.  I can show you photos next week. 

I'm so stoked to shout from the mountaintops the story of our house selling, so wait with bated breath for that fairy tale.

Annnnd, last but not least, this was documented and every time I look at this photo I get a little drunk on the thought of the smell of his head.  The end.


todd said...

You are doing an awesome job!!!!!

Lissa said...

That last picture is so sweet. If I could co-sleep, actually sleep and not have nightmares of babies falling off of beds, I totally would!