the whutupdate. (you won't believe how pretty this week looks!)

Happy Friday, y'all.  I think you can tell what the Most Exciting News of the Week Award goes to: the blog got a massive and long-overdue facelift!  This has been in the works for about three years... I'm nothing if not the tortoise in the fable.  But, finish line reached.  Doesn't it look grand??

AND THERE IS MORE GOOD NEWS!  After we push our way through today, we're done with this six-week stretch of school, and ready for a break.  Whew.  I'm trying to decide whether we'll take one or two weeks off.  It's mid-February, and it seems like it might do our souls good to wait until March to start back up again, plus I'm getting the Spring Cleaning Fever.  

At least once a year, I start getting the jibblies about how disorganized and dirty everything has gotten since the last time I scrubbed everything down within an inch of its life.  The kids have been stuck inside all winter, which means toy bins are crazy messed up and stuff is strewn into every nook of every cranny.  The kitchen cabinets and windows are all covered with a thin film of yuck.  Don't even get me started on the state of the basement.  Everything is just gross and messy and I'm getting antsy to do something about it.  So we might take two weeks off to give me as much time as possible to hopefully get a handle on everything.  We shall see.

And lastly, I haven't gotten around to sealing our countertops yet, but that is on the docket for this weekend so that NEXT WEEKEND we can get those installed, followed by our new sink and new backsplash tile.  Then after that we're ready for floor tiles and appliances and paint and art... This is getting real, people.  My kitchen is about to look awwwwwwwwwesome.  I'll have to show you a preview next week.

And with that, here are a couple of photos of some random stuff from the week.  I gave them artsy names because I can.

Brothers Coloring, 2016:

Brothers Coloring II, With an Audience

Penelope Looking Resigned to the Unknown; Brothers Looking Optimistic:

Until next week!


The Crislers said...

Of course this whole bloggy facelift looks AMAZING, but I think the left-hand sidebar is my favorite. I can't stop scrolling through it, from your beautiful photo down to the names of the v.v. family on those pretty... paint swipes? "Paint swipes" is way too ugly-sounding a term for whatever those are, but anyway. Love the whole thing; it's so you.

todd said...

If this blog showed up in hot or not, I'd give it a HAWWWWT!!!!!!

paige said...

Kristy - Thank you! I was really hoping it would look like 'me,' so I really appreciate that! And 'paint swipes' is actually the exact phrasing I used when I was trying to describe what I wanted. So we both sound ugly, but apparently it gets the point across.