rocco's modern life: three months.

My littlest buddy is now three months old!  We survived the newborn stage crapstorm with aplomb!

Actually, until the last couple of weeks, it was almost like we never even had a newborn.  He was such a great eater and sleeper that the state of overwhelm that is generally inevitable was, well, evitable?  Granted, the last few weeks have seen a regression in sleeping and eating habits, but you know what?  I'll still take it, because look at this face:


I know this photo is blurry, but he just looks so cute!

Oh my word, he is such a doll.  He's got these huge ol' hands, just like Atticus did, and he loves sucking multiple fingers at a time, just like Finneas did (and does).  He's super strong and can hold his head up during tummy time for 15-20 minutes, no prob.  (Some of that is probably due to the fact that I let him sleep on his tummy, so I'll walk in the room and he's already up and just checking stuff out.)

To get to sleep, he turns his head from one side to the other for like ten minutes straight.  He smiles nonstop. He actually sleeps in his carseat when necessary, which is a first for a Van Voorst kidlet.  He isn't a baby who always smells like old milk, which is great, but he is super urpey.  Bummer.  He's growing super well, and is almost out of his 3-month clothing, right on schedule!

He is loved and adored by one and all!

I know this photo is blurry, too, but again, he just looks so cute!

And that's our boy, our tiny Rocky.


todd said...

he is adorbs! I love how pleasant his resting face is.

Lissa said...

I know this is totally not the point of your picture, but I really like your tan couch and throw pillows!