a very van voorst valentine's day.

For Valentine's Day this year, I wanted to do something to involve the kids in a meaningful way.  So I picked up a few roses, and encouraged the boys to each give one to each of their sisters.  The boys got to practice being gentlemen, and the girls loved it.

Then Todd gave each of the girls a little 'love bug' plant.

Then Laurelai broke, not one, but both of her roses less than five minutes after receiving them.  Shocker, I know.

She was, um, pretty bummed.

And don't worry about the boys - not only did I pick up enough chocolate truffles for everyone to share, but Papa Tony and Grandma Jacqi sent a huge box of goodies for the kids.  The boys really didn't care about flowers, but you can bet they cared about candy, so everyone was happy at the end of the day.  Except Laurelai, when reliving the terrible moments her roses bit the dust.


todd said...

I love the girls' faces in the pictures where the boys are giving them their flowers

the jersk. said...

OMG her li'l sad face! 😂😭

Amanda Cushman said...

Oh that sweet little face!!