in which atticus turned seven... a couple of months ago.

Well, I feel a bit sheepish.  I have put off posting about Atticus' seventh birthday for nearly two months now.  Whoa-zers.  So, today's the day, my friends.  Without further ado: Atticus' Seventh Birthday Party. 

Naturally, knowing Atticus, it was army-themed.

Todd had not only taken Atticus to Hobby Lobby to choose his decorations, but he also set up all the decorations himself.  I, on the other hand, didn't even bother to set the sandwich fixin's out on a platter, but rather just set the plastic packages out on the table and called it good.  I think I really need to improve my game next time - Todd definitely won this round of "Who Put In Adequate Amounts of Effort?"

After lunch, the kids spent a little time playing with the army figures Todd brought home.

And then it was time for cake and ice cream.  Ahhhh, the cake.  When Todd asked Atticus what kind of cake he wanted, Atticus immediately responded with, "Camouflage."  And then Todd was all, "Um, they don't really make camouflage cake."  And then they got to Wal-Mart, and what did they find?  A kit for making a camouflage cake.  

But as it turns out, camouflage cake just kind of looks moldy.

Laurelai wants you to think that she's skeptical of the moldy-looking cake, but I draw your attention to Exhibit A: clear evidence of cake consumption.  We were not fooled.

After cake and ice cream, it was time to open presents.  Everyone knows him well - he received a classic set of Legos, a few Lego sets, the Lego movie, a pair of real walkie-talkies, and a Swiss Army watch.  The child was in heaven.

And when all that was said and done, and the little kids had been laid down for nap, the best part of the day ensued:  Atticus and his Great-Grandpa Jim got down on the floor together to build a Lego submarine.

And there you have it.  Two months too late, I'll grant you.  But still.