weekly 'what's up': in which i use way too many gross descriptive words for the state of my eye.

This week.  Ohhh, this week.

Rocco was adorable (as usual), but sick for most of the week, causing him to regress to newborn sleeping and eating habits.  Instead of sleeping for 2.5-3.5 hour stretches during the day, and starting the night off with a good solid 7-hour stretch like normal, he has been getting up every 1.5-2.5 hours, barely eating and barely sleeping, around the clock.  Poor him, and who am I kidding, poor me.  Moment of silence while I pity us.

Also, as it turns out, that eye 'irritation,' as my eye doctor called it when I got it checked out, was actually a violent case of pink eye.  How do I know this?  Because after a full week of battling with the awful pain and disgustingness in that eye, it moved to my other eye, meaning it was contagious.  So now I knew what I was dealing with, but it was also a freak-out moment because a) I hadn't been as diligent about disinfecting everything I touched to prevent it spreading to everyone else as I should have been, b) it meant that I could spend another full week battling infection and possible contamination.

When the doctor had diagnosed it as simply a reaction to my face wash, he said there was nothing I could do but ride it out.  So that's what I did with the first eye.  But once it moved to my other eye, I started fighting that sucker like there was no tomorrow.  Homeopathic drops.  Folk remedies.  Essential oils.  Hot compresses.  Potato poultices.  Supplements.  Preventive remedies for the kids.  Disinfecting the entire house with hydrogen peroxide, and disinfecting myself with copious amounts of hand soap and sanitizer.  And you know what?  IT WORKED.  Eye One took seven full days to begin healing, and still remained itchy for a few days beyond that.  And meanwhile it was swollen, weeping, bright red, gritty, and it got stuck shut every night.  Eye Two was mildly irritated, but barely pink, only moderately itchy, and not at all weepy, sticky or swollen.  And it was fully healed by the end of day three.  AND no one else seems to have caught it as far as I can tell.  PRAISE THE LORD!

Okay, but enough about my eye.  I guess.

Rocco is still not feeling 100%, but he upgraded to a bigger bed this week, so at least he has room to move about the cabin now.  The little bassinet was no match for him anymore, so we moved the pack and play into our room instead.  And it barrrrrrrely fits.  But I wasn't ready to put him in his own room yet, so this is where we're at for now.

And as for other news this week, it has all been great: the weather was beautiful, so the big kids got to play outside a few times, school went well, January is almost over, and we're gearing up to start re-doing our kitchen!!!  I'm going to start sealing the bottom of our new butcher block counters tomorrow to get them ready for imminent install... oh. my. stinkin. word.  My cup runneth over more than my eye does, so I really can't complain.  Looking forward to moving forward!

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todd said...

Your cup cannot keep up with your eye