STOP. duggar time.

My hair has been out of control.  I mean, like, out. of. control.

Not to brag or anything, but the length of my hair surpassed that of Jaige's.   To commemorate this event, I wanted to take a video of me doing the Hammer Dance in a long denim skirt, only replacing the word 'Hammer' in the lyrics with 'Duggar.'  I was pretty tickled by this genius idea until Killjoy Todd reminded me that Duggars Don't Dance.

So it was back to the drawing board, where I decided to take a video of me doing the Dougie in a long denim skirt, only, again, replacing the word 'Dougie' in the lyrics with 'Duggar.'  ('Teach me how to Duggar, teach me, teach me how to Duggar').  But again with the whole Duggars Don't Dance thing.  Major bummer.

So, instead of getting to watch either of those kick-butt videos today, you get to see a couple of still shots of my outrageous hair before the haircut appointment I had on Monday.  You do not get to see "After" photos today because, as it was too dark when I got home from my appointment to take decent photos, I planned on taking them the next day in the daylight.  But then, the next day in the daylight, I discovered I had developed some kind of massive eye infection and half my face looked like Voldemort's, all red-eyed and slit-pupiled.  

So, while my haircut is actually decent, it can't make up for the fact that I look like the Dark Lord (plus, I've started dreaming about a black door at the end of a long stone corridor, so I'm extra sleep-deprived and I've got resultant bags under my eyes), I'm going to postpone taking "After" photos.  You're welcome.

All the shrugs!

("After" photos to come soon, once the horcrux residing in my eyeball has been destroyed.)

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todd said...

ok, I will take a Basilisk tooth to your eye.

for your health!!!