A morning in the life.

I thought it would be fun to photograph and document a typical day in our lives.  This was done last Monday, and it illustrates a pretty standard morning.

Rocco slept well last night, although after he ate at 4:00 this morning, I had a really tough time getting back to sleep.  So I'm tired and since he fell back asleep after his 7:30 feeding, I did too.  We get up for the day at 8:45 - so I start the day off already forty-five minutes behind.  We get up, and I feed and change him.  Then we head to the kitchen to mix up a batch of oatmeal before the big kids get up.  By the time it gets in the oven, it's already 9:30.

I get the kids' clipboards set up for their morning jobs, then head upstairs to get them started for the day.  The big kids are put to work getting dressed, making their beds, and cleaning their room.  I take off Laurelai's diaper and she comes downstairs with me.  

By now, Rocco is ready to go down for his morning nap, so I lay him down and then sit down to pump while the oatmeal finishes.  It's now almost 10:15.  Yikes.

Once the oatmeal is done and my behavior has elicited the question, "Why are you taking a picture of your breastmilk?" I get the kids seated and serve breakfast.  I spend their breakfast time cleaning up the kitchen, setting up their next clips, serving 'seconds,' brushing my teeth, starting a load of laundry (Monday is wash day) and wrestling with our trash can.

After everyone is done with breakfast, we read a Psalm together and the big kids get started on their jobs.  While they're working, I get Finneas dressed and make my (very necessary by now) coffee.  I drink it out of the mug I use every day - it's on my short list of things to try to save if we ever have a house fire.

It's now 11:00, and Rocco wakes up and the kids get started on their morning schoolwork.  The little kids play upstairs while school is going on down here - Atticus does his work in the kitchen, and Penelope works in the dining room.

While they're working, I feed Rocco and then work on a little bit of school prep for tomorrow morning. 

Then I make my breakfast, which is always the same: two scrambled eggs and two slices of bacon.  Sometimes I do not get to eat lunch until 3:30 or 4:00, and this is the only thing that keeps me full for that whole stretch.

Once the big kids are done with their work, they head upstairs to join the little kids for a few minutes so I can have a very quick breather of alone time.

But it is now 11:45, and though I've cooked breakfast and grabbed a book to read for the next 15 minutes before starting to plate the kids' lunch, Rocco is acting like he's ready for another nap, so I leave my food and pray no one eats it while I go try to lay him down.

But it turns out he's just playing games with me, because as soon as I lay him down, he goes, "PSYCH!"  So I acquiesce and let him stay up for a while longer.

But it turns out it's for a good reason - he has some rolling over to do for the first time everrrr.  I'll let it slide.

While he's awake, I take advantage of the down moment to go make my bed - this has not happened often lately, since usually he's either sleeping in there, or he's awake but I'm too busy elsewhere in the house to get to it.  But score one for me this fine Monday morning.

I scarf down my food and lay Rocco down (as he's now sufficiently tired), and it's now 12:30 and time to get started on lunch....

I took pictures throughout the rest of the day, and will post an "Afternoon in the Life" post tomorrow, where I'll document lunchtime, our afternoon school activities, and what I do with my down-time.  Stay tuned!


todd said...

happy rebirthday! 12 years ago today.

Lissa said...

So it sounds like you don't eat when the kids eat? That makes sense. I think I am concerned that if I do that I won't get enough calories in my body to sustain me and a nursing baby. I kind of prioritize sitting down at the same time and eating when my children are eating so I know I'm taking care of myself. But I can see how we could get more done in the day if I ate at different times. A conundrum!