rocco's modern life: two months.

Rocco turned two months old last Wednesday.  He is eating well (every 2-3 hours through the day, once per night.)  He goes to bed around midnight, eats around 6:00, wakes up for the day between 8:00 and 8:30.  He usually takes a really long, solid nap in the afternoon and a few catnaps throughout the rest of the day.  He is getting really close to just being able to be laid down in his bed at naptime without much help soothing himself to sleep - he's been super easy to sleep train so far.  If he wakes up and is having a hard time falling back to sleep, he loves having his hand held and will fall asleep pretty readily if I'm holding his hand.

He's cooing and 'talking' back and forth with me.  He gives huge smiles!  He's really strong and can hold his head up like a champ.  While it technically happened after his two-month date, he can now roll over at will.  He is super easy going, and has the sweetest temperament.

He still takes about 20 minutes to eat at each feeding, and is (thankfully, so far) a pretty focused nurser.  Breastfeeding is still going well - no issues to report yet.

At his two-month well check, he weighed 11 lb., 11 oz. (20th percentile) and was 24.5 inches long.  He's long and lean.  His hair seems to have stopped falling out and started growing back in - the damage wasn't too bad!  Hopefully that's a good omen for how much of my hair will fall out, and how long it will take to fill back in.

And just since I didn't post a one-month update for him, we'll start there with our photos.

first smiles.

he is absolutely adored by his big sibs.

maybe a little too adored for his liking.

he's a tummy sleeper.  please don't freak out.

look how much he's grown!


Jessica said...

He looks like a baby Rolf Duvick.
Dontcha think?

Amanda Cushman said...

He looks so much like his siblings. And holy moly your hair is long in that picture with your sister!

todd said...

I love out little, big man. Reading some Warfield right now gives me great excitement in seeing him grow in wisdom, stature and favor before God and man.

mommakris38 said...

My oldest child ( age 30) still sleeps with a tiny piece of her infant sheepskin. She slept on her belly on it.