...merry christmas?

I took down the tree yesterday.  I unscrewed it from the tree stand while the three biggest kids did their best to hold it upright to keep it from timber-ing.  They did an excellent job and, as a result, I'm not currently squished into a pancake, so fourteen kudos to them.  I literally owe them my life, so I guess we're even now.

I took the tree halfway out to the backyard - I was going to haul it all the way back there, but then gave up when I got to the fence, so I am just 'letting it rest' in the driveway.  I will be spending the rest of the week taking down all the Christmas decor, fixing the broken bits (oh, yes) and packing it all away.

Broken bits?  Well, the beautiful peacock feathers on Laurelai's stocking ended up getting plucked.  A horn broke off of the carved stone cow in one of our nativity sets when it got dropped down the stairs, making it look like it's a unicorn that attended the birth of Christ.  Laurelai also managed to disassemble a tiny, artisan-made tree ornament with a minuscule nativity scene inside, and I was only able to find every piece but the Infant Jesus, who is regarded in most circles to kind of be the most important part of any nativity scene.  (Without him, you just have some regular people hanging out in a barn for no reason.)  While I am used to having to cobble stuff back together, and while most of these Christmas mishaps can be rectified, I can not conjure a miraculous re-appearance of the Christ Child in the tree ornament, so I'm debating on whether or not I should even bother gluing my fingers together in an attempt to get the other characters back inside.  We shall see.

Anyway, as a tribute to this Christmas season, here's a recap of some of the holly jolly decorating I did:

We don't have a mantel, so I like treating our piano like one.  I found this awesome rose gold banner at Target this year.

Our tree was seriously massive and wonderful.

While neither of these little ornaments was the one that got desecrated, they're in the same vein.  Each year I get each family member a fair trade ornament for their stocking.  Our tree is starting to look positively global.  Which you know I love.

And speaking of global and fair trade...

I've started a collection of fair trade nativity sets, all of which have been gifted to me by Todd's mom.  This was the first set she got me; it was made in Ethiopia.  (This and the following photos are  from Todd's instagram.)

This is the second one, from Kenya, and this is the set that now sports a confident unicorn.

And this tiny set from Peru is the kids' favorite.  That baby Jesus probably needs to be glued to the manger before I put this set away; as it is, he's about the size of a black bean and completely free to roam about the cabin stable.  I'm surprised no one has swallowed him yet.  Give it time.

These are the stumps from most of our Christmas trees over the years.  (Our first Christmas tree, The Christie Brinkley, has no representation, unfortunately.)  One of these years I'm going to frame them in shadow boxes or something.  One of these years.

While I'm sad to see the Christmas stuff get packed away for another year, I'm excited for the simpler, everyday decor to come back out.  I got a few pretty things for Christmas that I will be finding homes for, and rearranging a bit, so I'll keep you posted on that.

So with that, the Christmas season is over at Chez V.V.  Bring on the new year!

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todd said...

I really like the Christmas stuff we are accumulating. I look fwd to seeing it gain net year.