Last Saturday, Penelope went grocery shopping with me, and took along her own 'jobs' money to buy a bag of chocolate chips.  She felt super grown up and spent about a million years standing in the baking aisle, debating between 'brown' chocolate chips or 'white' chocolate chips.  She went with the white, ate five of them at home, and decided she didn't like them.  Not sure if it ended up being a 'win' or not, but at least it was a lesson in how difficult money is to earn, how easy it is to spend, and how quickly we become disenchanted with the things we feel we just have to have.

On Sunday, Atticus said goodbye to his children's church teachers, and joined us for 'Big Church.'  (Our children's ministry goes through age 6.)  It was indescribably wonderful to have him by our side and seeing him raise his hands in worship.  This is a very, very good transition.

Rocco turned two months old this week, which means he's getting closer and closer to that 12-week mark where his days will become more regulated.  Right now he's no longer in the sleepy newborn stage, but not yet in the sleep-trained stage, so the days are somewhat rough.  He also had his two-month appointment yesterday, at which he weighed in at 11 lbs, 11 oz.  He's growing, which is great news, as I've been really mindful of what I eat and drink and have been pretty militant in my dedication to pumping at least once per day.  He's smiling, cooing, and holding his head up like a veritable champion.  I'll write a more detailed post on him next week.

Penelope is still developing her weird rash.  We've determined that it's pityriasis rosea, which is harmless and not contagious, even though it's pretty gnarly-looking.  It started on her neck with a large 'herald' patch, and has spread all over her torso and neck and is now moving to her face.

What I've Been Reading:
Reading is slow-going and opportunities for it are spotty these days, but I did finish reading Pride and Prejudice for the first time.  Going into it, I knew embarrassingly little about it.  I knew that everyone is obsessed with Mr. Darcy for some reason, and I knew that Charlotte Bronte hated the novel.  So I went in pretty blind and admittedly, a tiny bit biased.  But it was really good!  (As though I'm shocked that everyone likes it for good reason.)  I wasn't expecting there to be as much wit in it as there is, and some of the plot twists and subtle sarcasm kind of reminded me of some of the Shakespeare we've read together this year during school time.  I don't know if I'll ever read it again, but I really enjoyed it.

Since finishing that, I've started trudging through a very poorly written biography of Martin Luther.  I could just give it up for dead, but as it's the only Luther biography our pathetic library offers, and as I've started setting goals for the number of biographies and autobiographies I read each year, and as I'm already about halfway through, I'm not going to give up now. Anyway, very interesting life, incredibly terrible writing.  Truly awful.

What I've Been Watching:

True to form, I'd never seen Pride and Prejudice since I'd not read the book first, so once I finished the book, Todd and I sat down and watched the Keira Knightley movie.  I think the inevitable outcome of watching movies based on books is always a level of disappointment, but for a movie based on a book, it was pretty good.  I thought the casting of Mr. Collins was absolutely perfect.

So then I began (and have not yet finished) watching through the BBC's P&P miniseries from the 90's and am loving it.  (Considering the script is taken almost verbatim from the book for the most part, it makes sense.)

We also finished the HBO miniseries based on the McCollough biography of John Adams, which I read last year, and then we began the History Channel miniseries, "America: The Story of Us."  Both are really great and are highly recommended.

Also, we started Parks and Rec back at the beginning.  There are a few shows Todd and I love watching through occasionally, and this is one of them.  (Along with 30 Rock, The Office, and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.)

And, I think that is that for our week!


todd said...

I'm with Bronte (no surprise)

the jersk. said...

I've had that rash like four times. it's so obnoxious. and how did I not know you haven't seen/read P&P?! at least get up to speed with back to the future. since it's pretty old news at this point what with it being 2016.

Heather said...

Is the P&P miniseries on Netflix? (I suppose I can just research it myself, but I'm trying to connect with you. :) I also began watching Parks & Rec over Christmas "break", and although I accidentally began in season 2 so am a little foggy with the characters' roots, I have had more than enough laugh-out-loud moments to justify continuing right where I am. I heart Andy.