large family love.

Yesterday morning after school, the kids all disappeared upstairs for a while and remained pretty well occupied.  They finally came downstairs to say they had set up a 'birthday' party for Rocco turning two months old.  They had made decorations, presents and a cake.

This really does say "Happy Birthday," but some letters were a bit side-heavy and needed some propping up; hence it looking like "Harrk Birthday."

This is the cake, built by Penelope.  If you look, you can see it has two candles and a number "2" on top.

This is Rocco, showing off some of his many gifts.

And this right here is a perfect illustration of one of the beauties of having a large family: there is so much love.  When Atticus was born, he came home to two people who loved him and adored him and missed hiim while he was asleep.  When Rocco was born, he came home to six people who loved and adored him and missed him (and threw him parties) while he was asleep.  They all have so many people to love, and so many people who love them.

What great kids, and what a wonderful, spontaneous surprise!  My life is G-O-O-D.


lauren said...

this is the best thing everrrrrrr!

todd said...

The lie is that there is only so much love to go around. The truth is God increases the capacity to love along with a diversity of new personalities to love.

Amanda Cushman said...

How sweet! Bless their little hearts!

the jersk. said...

I'm imagining their adorable conversations as they planned it together in secret. so sweet!