i'm a maniac, maniac on the floor. and i'm cleaning like i've never cleaned before.

Our house currently looks like a war-zone.  When we decided last week that we will be moving, I started inventorying the house, making to-do lists and to-clean lists and to-purge piles.  Then on Saturday, we ripped out our old counters and sink, and dropped in our new ones.

(Sorry; the "After" photos with the sink installed were all taken after dark - I'll get some decent ones taken soon and get them up - you're gonna plotz.  In a good way.)

To say I am in love is an understatement.  The counters are oil-sealed, so they're a really, really pretty natural color and texture.  The sink is HUGE and deep and stainless.  The faucet is perfecto.  It's going to be harrrrrrd to leave this level of gorgeousness.  But I guess I'll take one for the team... and then recreate this exact same kitchen wherever we end up, because I'm pretty sure that's going to happen.  Granted, we still have backsplash tiles and floor tiles to install, benches to paint and a table to build for the breakfast nook, and walls to paint.  But seriously, it's going really well and looking really good.

But did you know construction makes a lot of mess?  Well, if you didn't know: construction makes a lot of mess.  All my dishes are filled with sawdust.  I can't set anything on the counters because the finish is still curing, so all our dirty dishes are sitting on the stove.  I haven't been able to use the sink or run the dishwasher while the plumbing has been detached, so I did dishes in the bathtub yesterday.  It's kind of a wreck, and we're still only halfway through.

And here's the really crazy thing: somehow, somehow, we have a showing lined up for Wednesday.  Uhhhm, what?  So I'm running around like a crazed lunatic, trying to get the house at least a bit presentable.  The couple that's coming understands we're still in-progress, but still... 

So my to-do list is crazy long this week:  I went to Lowe's and the consignment store yesterday, followed by two visits from the plumber, plus we had dinner guests last night.  Today is going to involve a trip to drop stuff off at Goodwill, crazy amounts of basement organization and dealing with all the garbage that weirdly accumulated in our driveway all winter under the snow.  Tomorrow will entail a top-to-bottom cleaning sesh.  And that will mark Day Seven since simply deciding to move.

I have a feeling this process is going to be a bit of a whirlwind.

We're praying our house will sell without needing to list it, for full asking price.  Too crazy?  Nothing's too crazy for God - please join us in praying!

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todd said...

I'm excited to see the finished product. you picked really nice finishes