This week was full of the usual-of-late: school, snow, and sickness.

Rocco is still getting over his cold, though he's definitely on the upswing.  He's started sleeping for much longer stretches during the day (his feedings are almost always three hours apart) and for slightly longer stretches at night - three to four hours at a time, which is no seven to nine hours like he used to do, but it's also no 1.5 to two hours either, which is where we were at for a week or so.

My eyes are finally totally healed up, and no one else got any of that nastiness, which is great.  My throat has been hurting for the last three weeks, but that seems to be healing as well, so between that and getting more sleep this week, I'm feeling like a veritable spring morning.

Unfortunately, Todd is down for the count - again.  We started January off with him catching a horrible cold, then we transitioned into my eye thing, then Rocco's cold, which spread mildly between the kids, and now that we're all feeling better, Todd seems to have the flu.

Someone has been sick nearly every day since the beginning of the year, and I, for one, am ready to be done with it.  Luckily, even though WINTER STORM KAYLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dumped some snow over the last few days, it's stayed pretty warm, so I've been letting the big kids spend the afternoons outside where hopefully the sunshine and fresh air will keep them healthy, and the fact that they always forget to close the door behind them will help to air the bugs out of the house.  Fingers crossed.

Other than that, things have been trucking along pretty smoothly.  Rocco turned three months old, and is still the sweetest thing, even though he's been sick.  I'll post more about him next week.

As for what I've been reading, Todd and I have been reading through Shepherding A Child's Heart together in the evenings, which has been great, as I've felt a little overwhelmed lately at the prospect of consistent, diligent discipline of so many kids.  It's been great to get some guidance and be able to refocus.  I'm also hoping to finish up L'Abri today - my word, it's an incredible story.  If you haven't read it, you really should!  AND, I've decided to try to do a six-month read-through of the Bible, and I'm asking for your prayers that I'd stay committed and find the time each day to stay on track.

And that's where we're at as we head into February!


todd said...

I love how that picture of you and the kiddos turned out!!!!

Heather said...

Great photo, and I love Ted Tripp. After you're done digesting "Shepherding", you should check our "Age of Opportunity". The tagline is "A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens", but I strongly encourage friends to read it prior to the teenage years. A friend gave me an extra copy she had 3 or 4 years ago, and I have read it at least annually. Happy parenting, y'all.

paige said...

Thanks for the book recommendation, Heather! We've read through Shepherding a couple times, but haven't read Age of Opportunity. I'll check it out!