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This week has been weird.  It was the first week in the last month that I didn't have something scheduled every day, which was really, really nice.  However, the inspection on our Cedar Falls house is happening tomorrow, so I've been spending the week busting my butt, trying to get everything ready for that.  Plus, I turned thirty and we bought a house.  So there's that.

But let's back up:  I turned thirty.  I'm not one who has always dreaded the big 3-0.  I didn't have a list of stuff I was trying to accomplish by now, and my life is better than I could have ever imagined or hoped for at this point, so I'm not living with any kind of regrets or wishful thinking.  Thirty never scared me.  But... it was a bit of a somber day, nonetheless.  I've just felt old for a while... having a bunch of kids ages you.  But at least before, people would hear I was still in my twenties and say something about how young I was (at least for having that many kids).  Now I'm thirty, and I feel old, and everyone agrees with me.  Plus, I spent my birthday grocery shopping like a chump, which didn't help anything.

BUT.  It's all good.  Todd likes to remind me that there are only two options in life: I'm either getting older, or I'm dead; there are no alternatives.  So I'm actually in a pretty good boat considering my other option.  And I spent a lot of time thinking about and praying for so many of the amazing people God has given me so far in my life.  This was by far the best part of my birthday.  So, here's to thirty years of being loved and cared for by some awesome people.

Okay, moving on.  We put in the offer on the house on Saturday as well.  (We offered on our Story City house on Valentine's Day of 2011; Todd likes to buy me houses as special holiday gifts, apparently.)  Everything was locked down the following day.

Speaking of the following day, Sunday was Easter, and we all got dolled up to head to church...

... then we came home to act like weirdos.

Also, I would like to show you this photo to document how nicely my hair-teasing efforts turned out that morning.  Because I was sporting a noteworthy poof.

Monday, we fired up the grill for the first time this season.  It was awesome.  We also had a neighborhood family over for dinner for the first time since we've lived here.  We're nothing if not procrastinators.

And then the rest of the week was spent cleaning and freaking out about our impending inspection.  Please be praying it goes well!

So, that was our week.  How was yours?

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the jersk. said...

I wish you were a houseplant so that I could keep you on my desk and tend to you while you keep me company and I hope that's sweet and not creepy. I can't wait till we hit the duplex life in our 80s. I'll start the countdown. only 50 more years.