house tour: our bedroom.

For the next peek into some of the ways our home has changed since we've lived here, I thought I'd show you our bedroom.  Please keep in mind that this room only got about half done before we decided to move.  It still needs a big old honkin' piece of art on one wall, a gallery wall on a different wall, a new nightstand, some roman shades between the drapes, etc. etc.  But.  The walls are pretty, the sheets are pretty, and it smells okay when the oil warmer is on, so it's a step up from any other master bedroom we've ever had, even in its half-finished state.

When we bought the house, this room had been working hard as an office.

For a while, we had the two (and then three) biggest kids in here, so their toys and play space could be near me during the day, on the main floor.  But it was a smaaaall space for so many bodies. (The room itself is only 9x11, smaller than the footprint of our living room rug!)

When we found out we were pregnant with Rocco, I needed to brainstorm a new set-up.  We ended up putting the three big kids in the large master bedroom upstairs, and Laurelai across the hall from them, thinking that eventually we'd move her in with them and put Rocco in the nursery by himself.  Meanwhile, we took this downstairs bedroom for ourselves, which ended up being a blessing to us.  Our bedroom has always been the last to get decorated in any house we've lived in, since no one but us ever sees it.  But since this room is on the main floor, right next to the bathroom, it gave me the nudge I needed to finally make our room prettier.

Just imagine a black roman shade hung from high up between those curtains, and some big, pretty art on that right side of the window, like this piece I had been thinking about from Minted.

I'm not sold on the stuff hung above the bed; it was probably set to come down once the big art got hung, and I wanted a grey and white faux-fur blanket for the foot of the bed, and eventually I was hoping to replace the Ikea side table with an actual night stand.  Ahhhh, the things this room could have achieved.

And this gratuitous close-up shot, not because it helps you envision our room at all, but just because it's pretty and it just so happens to be in our room.

So that's our itty-bitty-pretty bedroom!  We're going to miss you, Bedroom - you were the first bedroom we ever called 'ours' that didn't make us feel like we were just passed-out white trash every time we fell asleep.

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todd said...

Yes we don't feel that way, but I definitely am