the weekly what's to the up.

Laundry and packing, laundry and packing, my whole life is laundry and packing.  Doodly doo.

That's my theme song for the week.  Last weekend was beautiful, so I was forced to pull out weather-appropriate attire for all the kids, and many of them were due to move up a size anyway, so I switched out all of their bins over the weekend.  Eesh.  

It may not sound like a major undertaking, but since I never know how clean the laundry in their dressers are (they frequently put questionably clean clothing back in their drawers), and I don't want to put dirty stuff in an airtight bin to breed for the next two years until I pull it out for the next kid who needs it, I wash everything before it gets put away.  Which means I washed the entire wardrobes of five children, and folded it an put it away, then pulled out NEW entire wardrobes for five children and folded it all.  (It hasn't all been put away yet; I ran out of steam.)  And I had already been behind on our normal laundry because of the other major task ruining my life lately: packing.

Ohhh, packing, how I hate thee.  BUT, the one thing I will say about packing is it forces you to evaluate what you own.  I am getting rid of SO MUCH STUFF.  I didn't think that I would be, since I just purged a bunch of stuff less than three years ago when we moved here, and we haven't really accumulated a bunch of extra stuff in the meantime, but seriously - SO. MUCH. STUFF.  And it feels good!

In other weekly news, Laurelai drew her first 'babies' without help from anyone.  I was seriously impressed, to be honest with you.  (At first I thought Finneas had drawn these for her, but then she drew another one while I watched.  It was crazy.)

And Rocco rocked the Classic Van Voorst Boy look: the felt knight helmet.  He seems like he'll fit in around here just fine.

As for the rest of our week, it was spent hanging out with neighbors, taking Finneas to an eye doctor appointment, Todd taking an exam for a potential job with the Postal Service, and plenty of family dance parties to Family Force Five songs.  It's been a decent week!