happy sixth birthday, penelope!

Happy birthday, my big girl!

You have grown so much this year.  You are so helpful and kind.  You insist on serving others.  You have a mind like a steel trap, and a memory that gives elephants a run for their money.  You are  You are light-hearted.  You dote on the littlest kids and are so helpful and loving with them.  I just absolutely adore you - I love hearing your deep thoughts, and your extensive use of vocabulary, and your funny jokes.  I love your insightful questions and your quick wit.  You are beautiful, inside and out, and I just know you will be used as a mighty tool in the hand of God to accomplish great things for his Kingdom.  I cannot wait to see how he will grow and shape you this year!

Love you, little Sweet P!


todd said... how big is she?!?!?!?! love ya ladycakes. always have. always will. no matter what. forever and ever!

todd said...

anyone who doesn't love Penelope is an enemy of mine and I would consider it my sincerest pleasure to end them.

the jersk. said...

how is she six already!! happy birthday, precious girl!!

Heather said...

I love how each photo of Penelope tells a story.