I'm just popping in this morning to tell you I have a lot on my mind, stuff I've been thinking about and noodling on and wanting to write out.  I want to tell you about how church planting (twice, now) has changed us, and just how faithful God has been as we uproot our life over and over again.  I want to show you a "Before and After" of our kitchen.  I want to tell you about how freaking awesome my husband is.  And I will write all those posts, but I just can't today.

I have not felt this scatter-brained in a very long time.  Since college, maybe.  (I should also tell you about what a wet blanket I was in college because I never slept so I cried basically every day.)  I barely know what's going on at any given moment, and right now my mind is running so fast, I can't slow down enough to write any of that stuff out.  So I'm just going to fold some laundry and watch some Chuck and drink some wine (cool your jets, I wrote this last night; I'm not at the point of day-drinking yet), and pray I'm not actually going crazy or developing adult-onset ADD.  Please pray with me to that end.

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todd said...

I'm particularly interested in hearing about how awesome I am.