what's up weekly.

This week has been filled with packing, packing, packing and yet more packing.  And I still feel like I've gotten nowhere.  I kind of hit a panic point yesterday.  Like, I just know I'm going to barely get all this done in time to move, and in the meantime, I'm going to kill my adrenals like I did last time we moved, and I'll end up gaining a bunch of weight and taking forever to recover.  I've felt so good and calm up until this point and then... yesterday morning hit.  Ugh.

So, let's spend some time dwelling on the past, shall we?  Specifically the past two weeks when life was dandy.

Penelope had her birthday party, which I will have to tell you more about soon.

She got a checkers set and has spent numerous hours picking on opponents who don't really stand a fair chance.

Laurelai was so stinking cute, I could die.

Finneas spent time preparing for any type of battle, spiritual or physical, that may befall him:

The girls asked me to teach them some ballet, and I happily obliged.  My turn-out has gone to crap and my releve is now so sad I didn't even attempt it, but they forgave me.

The kids wrote these semi-welcoming notes to our babysitters:

"Enter Evryone --> Not for: Robers.  Go BZRK Babysisters. Rite here come in now."

"Welcome to your doom, babysiters MoohaHaha.  Ror. A mesege from Penelope."


I have tried to arrange a friend or babysitter to come over most days over the course of this last week, and have more help coming next week as well.  Even an hour or two of uninterrupted packing time is outrageously helpful in making any kind of progress, so I'm super grateful for the help.  I'm hoping (probably too optimistically) that I can be basically all packed up by next Sunday.  One can dream.  Wish me luck!


todd said...

The basement is coming along really well. I wouldn't be surprised if you pulled it off! Cheering for you!!!!

Heather said...

If you were closer, I'd take those babies off your hands so fast it'd make your head spin. Also, it's reassuring that there's another family whose toddlers run around in underpants-only as much as mine does.