what's up weekly: 'too little, too late?' special tuesday edition.

HOLY FRIJOLE.  I realized I have not done a weekly post in like a month.  Bad Van Voorst.  So I will be spending some time this week putting this car in reverse and documenting some of the memorable (as long as I blog about it so I don't end up forgetting it ever happened) stuff that has happened recently.  We're going to have to back way up to a when we were still living in the Cedar Falls house.  I know it wasn't that long ago, but man, it feels like a lifetime.

The kids all got new glasses.  (Well, Atticus just got a new pair of the same frames he had, since his were kick-arse to begin with, but the other two got a whole new look.)  Check Finneas out.  

What a handsome dude.  But Penelope would not be outshone; she also looks freaking awesome in her new specs.

Packing was in full-swing.  Rocco spent most of his waking hours strapped to me in the Ergo so that I could get some stuff accomplished while simultaneously cuddling him/protecting him from the outrageous chaos that moving entails.  I didn't want him to accidentally get packed into a box.

Dannnng, I miss that kitchen already.  Even taking into consideration the apocalyptic mess it became.

The other kids DID end up getting packed into a box, but they ain't mad bout it.

I had tons of help in the couple weeks leading up to the move, so the kids spent a lot of time playing at the local playgrounds and eating ice cream.  (I wish moving was an excuse for ME to go play outside and eat ice cream all the time.  But I guess I'll probably get over it.  *Sigh.*)


(Photos courtesy of our awesome babysitters and friends.)

The big kids spent time outside with their best-neighbor-friend Izee...

...and they all spent embarrassing amounts of time watching movies as the house became increasingly chaotic-slash-empty.

Penelope started taking showers on her own, rather than needing to be bathed in the tub by a grownup.  This may not seem like a big deal to some, but in our house it is MAJOR.  Any time a job is removed from a parent's purview of responsibility and put solely in the hands of a capable kid, it is cause for celebration.  She's doing great, although she does still need some help and protocol reminders sometimes.  (And, as an aside, I bought some Noodle Head shampoo/conditioner for her hair, since it's a two-in-one product with a pump, making it easier for her to wash her own hair, and MAN ALIVE - if you have a kiddo with curls, this is the stuff to invest in.  I brush her hair before she hops in the shower, then she uses this stuff, then I don't comb or brush it after she gets out, I just add some mousse - game changer.  They should call it Fro-B-Gone.)

And lastly, Todd surprised me with some high caliber gifts for Mother's Day: this beautiful print by my friend Kate Ahn, and a pair of leather sandals.  Pretty art and pretty shoes?  Best. Mother's. Day. EVAH.  (And Penelope, bless her sweet little soul, requested to pick out a bouquet of flowers for me.  That girl has my whole heart.)

And that was Week One from the Time Capsule Archives of May 2016.  More to come tomorrow, instead of a Video Vednesday, because our life has been full and our blog has been empty.  Stay tuned!

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todd said...

I read that you were protecting Rocco from entrails. I'm a dork.