what's up weekly: "too little, too late?" special wednesday edition.

In the second installment of "Paige Was A Totally Delinquent Blogger, May 2016," I present the week of May 13-20.  It was the final week leading up to our move, and it was busy.  The four biggest kids were home for the first part of the week, then headed down to my mom's for a few days.  That way, we could pack the van and haul everything down to Columbia without kids underfoot, and they could spend the last few days before the transition in a familiar, relaxing place instead of in the chaos of the old house.

Rocco and Laurelai had some sweet bonding time.

Penelope brushed up on her photog skills and took this shot of Todd.

I finished boxing up the house and moving pretty much every single box to this mountainous stack in the garage.  It was kind of a buzzkill during packing to haul every single box out, but on moving day, it was almost like Mary Poppins was at the helm; everything seemed to just zippity zip itself right onto the truck.  (Though, I won't steal credit from the seventeen friends who came over and actually, physically assembly-lined everything out of the garage and into the van.)

Then it came time to load my piano onto the truck.  Every time we move, Todd votes to leave the piano behind so we don't have to load the piano onto the truck.  And every time we move, I get all "my preciousssssss" with it and start hugging it and rubbing its sides and cooing, "but it's so preeeeetty."  Todd eventually caves, and then he's on the hook for blackmailing enough adult men into helping him get it into the moving van.

These fellas look like they're fine with it for now, but this photo was taken before they had to try to lift it up.  (Granted, they had carried it down the porch stairs, so they weren't entirely naive, but still.)  You will notice that each subsequent photo features more helpers than the last.

After that, errythang was no thang.  We finished getting the truck packed, and then the house was Sans Voorsts.  Super sad.

We spent the last night, Wednesday, there on an air mattress in the living room.  (Rocco slept in the pack and play in his room one last time.)  Thursday morning was spent cleaning the house and gathering up the last few bits of stuff.

I got super sad about leaving right at the very end - seeing our beautiful backyard and thinking of all the fun times the kids had back there really sent me over the edge.  So Todd tried to help/punish me by playing some Boys II Men song that was supposedly fitting for the occasion while I nursed Rocco and cried.  Then he ran out and grabbed McDonald's - our go-to for first and last meals eaten in any given home we've lived in.  Then, in true Todd fashion, he said something hilarious, and I died laughing.  I love that part of our marriage - there is so much laughter!  It made it easier to say goodbye.

And say goodbye we did.  Bye-bye, wonderful, perfect-for-us house.  We loved you, and you loved us so well.  We miss you so much!

And we were off to face the next adventure: getting stranded by the side of the road when the U-Haul turned against us.  I chalk it all up to the fact that Cedar Falls House could no longer protect us from the cruel, unyielding elements of reality that exist in the world.  Don't tell Cedar Falls House what happened with that; it would break her heart.

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todd said...

How do I say goodbye to what we had?
The good times that made us laugh
Outweigh the bad

I thought we'd get to see forever
But forever's gone away
It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday