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So, now that I gave away the milk for free (i.e., told you we've been to South Dakota), who knows who will stay around to read the cow.  Or whatever.  You already know what we did this week.  But I'm going to blog about it anyway because this is the minivan voorsts and we. know. how. to. party.

Like I mentioned, we spent much of the week in South Dakota or on the way back.  I'll be chronicling the rest of the trip in detail over the next few weeks, so I won't give anything away by telling you how it ends. We got home safely.  Shoot.  Did I say too much?  Sigh.  I always do that.

So yeah, we got home late Tuesday night.  It was a long day and a late night, and we were all exhausted on Wednesday.  The girls and Rocco all slept until 9:30 that morning (and Rocco didn't even wake up a single time through the night to eat).  Todd had a job interview that morning, but due to a mix-up, he wasn't able to make it.  So we spent the rest of the day laying low and living in the apocalyptic state that the house inevitably ends up in when we come home from anywhere.  We went grocery shopping; I grilled a bunch of chicken for no apparent reason.  You know.  How a person does.

We ate so much food while we were gone, so I've spent the week trying to eat a little lighter.  My favorite light meal is chicken soup with shredded roasted cabbage in place of noodles.  Also it has literally been 100 degrees outside with like 1,000,000% humidity.  So soup is light and delicious and also makes me want to die when I eat it.  You know.  How a person does.

Yesterday the Anthem family all got together for a potluck, and the group is growing.  It's amazing to see how many people are already committing to a church that hasn't even started yet!  God's going to do some crazy stuff, you guys, I just know it in mah bones.

And today I have a bunch of errands to run in preparation for my sister's wedding next week!  I get to go buy some candy for the bridesmaids and some Spanxx for myself.  (Party on, Garth.)  I need to go tanning and run to Target and see if I can get my shoes fixed.  I need to wax my brows.  And my chin, too, if I'm being honest.  And above all, I need to take time to just be excited because my sister is very likely the best human being who exists anywhere on earth at the moment, and she is getting married to the best human for her.  Which is the best news.  And that is worth getting excited over!

And lastly, I think I'm going to start exercising.  This is not a drill.  It's (probably) happening, people.  Now that we have our treadmill set up again, and now that my butt has literally turned concave as a cry for help, I really have no excuse to not start using them.  (Both the treadmill and my butt.)  I mean, other than the tiny, insignificant excuses that 1) I don't like to, and 2) I don't want to.  But I'm a grown-up, and grown-ups have to do hard things like pay taxes and pluck chin hairs and deal with medical billing offices and walk on the treadmill.  Sigh.  Wish me luck, Fellow Grown Ups.

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todd said...

Next to you, you're right, Lauren is the tops! And kudos to you adult treadmill friend.