a whole blog post about chairs. because, you guys. CHAIRS.

Since we've moved, getting stuff settled around the house has been a very slow process.  One area I'm  really ready to get moving on is the dining room.  It's directly in front of you when you walk in both the front and side doors, so it's kind of in your face all the time, and I get tired of looking at how ugly it is.  Someday it will have a big glass door leading out to a deck, and it will have pretty curtains, and paint on the walls that is not the exact color of smokers' teeth.  Aahh, someday.

Luckily, a tiny bit of progress has been made already.  I found a killer rug on deeeeeep clearance at Anthropologie a few months back (like, I felt a little like a criminal for buying it so cheap), and when we moved, my sister built us a beautiful, custom-made table.  Such a pretty table needs a pretty home.  And it needs pretty friends around it... eight pretty friends to be exact, since this table is (thankfully) bigger than our last and we don't have enough chairs.

So when Chairish asked me how I'd go about mixing and matching dining room chairs, I was all over it.  Because I love the look of mixed chairs, and I spend a weird amount of time thinking about dining room furniture on a daily basis.  So if someone's going to give me the green-light to ramble about it, then shonuff I'm gonna.


I went with white polypropylene chairs for the kids (which may surprise you but wait a sec) and tufted velvet captain's chairs for me and Todd.  Yikes, when I write that out on "paper," it makes it obvious they don't seem like they'd work together.  Kind of like the mind-boggling marriage between Maury Povich and Connie Chung.  But the chairs have somewhat similar lines - flat tops along the back, simple legs - so they have enough in common to navigate a healthy and committed relationship without feeling the need to change the other one.  And I mean, if the white chairs want to slip on a white sheepskin for a date night (read: non-mealtimes) to take it up a notch and coordinate a softer look to go with the green chairs, so be it.  Who am I to stand in the way of true love?

Okay.  You guys, I'm weirdly drawn to those white ones even though I normally stick with natural materials.  This is just as much a shock to me as it is to you.  You don't really find plastic decor, or furniture, or even soap dispensers anywhere in my house as long as I can help it.  But think how great they would be with kids - no slats for food to fall through, no wood grain for stuff to get ground into, no fabric that could get stained, no delicate pieces on the framing that the kids can stand on and break.  You can just spray them down and wipe them off and let them take care of themselves.  Genius.  These chairs have kind of stolen my heart.

As for the fancy-pants velvet chairs, well, all I can say is I'm a hopeless optimist.  I have crazy blind faith that Todd and I will be the only ones to sit in them.  That for the few scattered minutes I get to actually sit down and eat a meal, I'll be outrageously comfortable.  That the pillows will fool me into thinking that dinnertime in a large family will be at all relaxing, and even downright ergonomical.  These chairs will make me think that sitting in my dining room will be good for my physical and mental health.  ...And to shut the mouth of the hopeless realist in me, they will be heavily Scotchgarded.

So anyway, you can see how I'm finding myself in an "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" situation.  "If you give Paige Van Voorst a nice new table, she's going to need some new chairs to go with it.  And if you give Paige Van Voorst some new chairs, she's going to want to put pillows and sheepskins on them."  Etc. Etc.  You know the drill.

I hope you all forgive me for picking plastic chairs.  I just couldn't help it. They were calling out to me.

Thank you so much to Jeska from Saltwater Kittens for her work on the style board.  I'm absolutely clueless about Photoshop, and she came to my rescue!

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todd said...

this was a delight to read. I love your writing style (and your decorating style) so win/win!!!