a basic overview and a video.

Short version and short video: Recently, our church-planting network was highlighted at the 2016 Southern Baptist Convention, and Todd was in the highlight reel:

Long version and longer video:

If you haven't been reading along here for a while, I can give you a basic run-down of our lives as church-planters: Todd became a Christian in his early twenties when he started attending Cornerstone Church in Ames.  After I graduated from college, and we got married, I moved to Ames and we called Cornerstone our home church.  We never had any intention of ever leaving.  Like, ever.  Like, ever.

We would toss around the idea of moving somewhere warmer someday, but our biggest hang-up was our disbelief that we could ever find a church home as wonderful and biblically solid as Cornerstone was.  Then Cornerstone got this crazy idea to plant a church in Iowa City at the U of I, and they asked community members to consider moving.  One hundred people said yes, and we said nofreakingway.  We weren't interested in uprooting our lives to move to start a new church when we were warm and cozy at the church we already had.

We bought our first house shortly thereafter, and it was intended to be our forever home.  It was huge, it was gorgeous.  It was literally my dream home.  But we were getting restless.  Todd felt called to do something... but he had no idea what it was.  Seminary?  Law school?  We were about ready to pull the trigger on law school when we got asked to help out with Cornerstone's second university church plant at the University of Northern Iowa.  And I think on a gut-level, we knew that this was why God had been stirring our hearts to look for something different and more purposeful.  He was preparing us to say yes.

So we did, and we moved, and we went through the incredibly unique experience of getting to be a part of a church literally starting from scratch.  And, long story short, we're at it again - our home church in Cedar Falls is now planting a church in Columbia, Missouri, and we're privileged to be doing it again.  God has changed us through this process.  He has grown us, and challenged us, and blessed us.

And I would LOVE - and I mean LOVE it if you would watch a segment of this video from the SBC.  It not only explains Cornerstone's vision for church planting, and shows what amazing things God has already done through Cornerstone (in Ames) and Candeo (in Cedar Falls), but it gives me so much excitement to see what he will do through Anthem (in Columbia).  And it's also so wonderful to see these men we dearly love in the video - Troy was preaching the day Todd was first viscerally impacted by the true Gospel.  Jeff discipled Todd when he was a brand-new Christian, and he was the one who married us.  Paul asked us to move to Cedar Falls and let us live in his basement for months while we were trying to get settled through that transition.  And Stan is one of Todd's biggest champions and dearest friends.  These men are doing incredible, hard, worthwhile work, and we love them so much.

Please check out the video below, starting around the 22:15 mark, and ending just before the 42:00 mark.  (Sorry I wasn't able to embed just that segment.)  And yes, that's David Platt looking absolutely maniacal in the still frame.

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there's no one else I'd rather be sitting next to as we get front row seats for God's glory.