what's up weekly: 'just a normal friday post this time' edition.

No more time warping.  Today's post is actually about this past week.  Can you even believe it?

Last Friday, I headed out with a couple of Anthem girls to visit the Amish community half an hour north of here.  They have some great discount grocery and bulk stores, but I was most excited about getting to buy grassfed, raw milk.  I've spent many years wishing we had access to raw milk, but sales are illegal in Iowa, and we didn't believe it was worth breaking the law over.  But here in Missouri, it's legal if you purchase it directly from the farmer, and guess what the Amish community is rife with?  Farmers.  Go figure.  So I'd heard I could get raw milk, butter and cream at good prices, so I went up to check it out.

And you know what?  The prices were goooooood.  Way cheaper than normal milk at the grocery store, even.  You guys, you don't know what this means to me.  I totally-completely-100% get that I'm a weirdo about this, but I'm cool with it.  So I asked Todd to take a picture of me with my first-ever glass of the good stuff.  I think you can plainly see that I got a bit maniacal about it.

AND LOOK HOW YELLOW THIS BUTTER IS.  That, friends, is how butter should look.

I think I'll be heading there once every week or two to pick up milk, butter, cream and eggs.  Life is good.  Even Rocco thinks so.

Saturday was spent painting, painting, painting and painting some more.  Every surface in this house needs new paint, and that's not an exaggeration - the ceiling, trim, baseboards, walls, vent covers, doors.  Upstairs and downstairs.  Inside and outside.  Only the floors are exempt.  Painting is going to be a major plotline in my life for a while.  You may think I'm being dramatic, or too picky, but seriously - everything was the same dirty yellow-brown; the walls and ceiling were the exact same color, and the trim was just one or two shades lighter.  It is truly a disgusting color of paint, and it's on EVERY. SINGLE. SURFACE of our house.  And as the cherry on top, the previous owners had a dog, so everything is covered in dirt smears and dog hair.

I started with painting the living room and hallway, since it's all one connected space and it's the first space I'm wanting to see done.  I began with the ceiling, which took forever because it's the ceiling.  Then I painted all the baseboards and trim.  Then I spray painted the vent covers.  Then I painted the walls.  And everything needed two coats, so I easily spent fifteen hours painting.  And have I ever told you how I feel about painting?  I loathe it.  I detest it.  I hope it dies, and rots for all eternity.  I HATE it.  So I'm probably going to be really crabby around these parts for a while.

Sunday I took the day off from painting - we spent the morning with Anthem folks, and we spent the afternoon napping.  Then Monday I was back at it.  By Tuesday I was ready to head out and run some necessary errands like grocery shopping, but Todd came down with a really weird, nasty stomach bug and he spent the day in bed.

Here's a random photo of Laurelai, just to break up my long, rambly post:

Wednesday we all headed out to explore the town and run a few errands.  I still have not driven anywhere by myself since we've been down here - I really don't like driving, and I get stressed in traffic, and as this is the biggest, busiest city we've lived in, I'm still in the process of girding my loins adequately to get behind the wheel and go anywhere solo.  So I had Todd drive me to Aldi, to the Parks and Rec building to sign the kids up for swim lessons, and to US Cellular, where I hoped to finally replace my missing phone.  Long story short, it was a no-go and I am STILL phoneless.

Yesterday, we assembled the sectional.  (We finally have a couch we ALL fit on!  Granted, it's facing a blank wall since we still don't have a TV we all can see from said couch, but baby steps, Bob.  I'll have to post pictures once my basement doesn't look like just a pile of war rubble with a really nice couch on top of it.)  I also continued the endless process of unpacking and did some laundry.

And that brings us up-to-date with the goings-on around here!  And I've said it before, but I'll say it again: if you'd like to follow along with some of our day-to-day happenings that don't always make it onto the blog, start following Todd on Instagram.  I do.  It's where I get most of my Van Voorst news.

Have a great weekend!

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I follow your blog for the same reason. We should talk more. :)