what's up weekly: "too little, too late?" special thursday edition.

The final black hole week from May started with our first day in the house.  We don't have any pictures from that day, since we basically just spent it unloading the truck.  And since the kids were down at my mom's, there were no adorable, picture-worthy antics going on, so we didn't even think to grab the camera.

Although, I will mention that Rocco started crawling for the first time when I first set him down in the new house.  It's like his intuition was telling him it was time to become mobile, now that we have basement stairs he could easily fall down.  He is now officially on the move and getting into errthang, but it's the cutest thing ever in the history of time, so I don't have any complaints.

The day after we unloaded the truck, we woke up in our new house for the first time.  The kids arrived around lunchtime, and they had their first meal in the new house - surprisingly and untraditionally, it was not McDonald's.

Since then, we've been trying to live life as best we can amidst the boxes.  If you know me at all, you know that house chaos drives me batty, and Todd is even worse at mentally dealing with clutter.  We've been hanging on by a shoestring potato for the last two weeks.

Rocco, on the other hand, has not seemed to mind the mess.

I've been focusing my largest unpacking efforts on the living room and kitchen, since above all else, I need the kitchen to be functional and the living room to be pretty in order to not be on the verge of killing someone at any given moment.  It's out of consideration for the health and safety of others.  It's pure altruism at work.  See how altruistic I look in my semi-unpacked living room?  

Sadly, our pretty blue-and-white rug is too big for this room, so it will have to find a home elsewhere in the house and I will eventually be on the hunt for a new one for in here.  But an opportunity for a new rug will not be boo-hoo'd by me for long because RUGS!!!

For the move, we sent our deep freeze down to my parents' house.  They live almost exactly halfway between Cedar Falls and Columbia, so we loaded it onto the bed of the pickup still frozen and loaded with breastmilk.  As soon as they got home, they plugged it in and left it running while they had the kids there.  When it was time to make the drive down here, they just unplugged it and headed our way, and once they arrived, we took it to the basement and plugged it in.  Everything inside stayed frozen solid the entire time.

Unfortunately, to get it to the basement, we had to unload most of it to make it light enough to carry, then we reloaded it once it was in place.  A couple of days after loading everything back in, Todd discovered I had unwittingly left out a large ziplock full of baggies of milk.  They don't call that stuff liquid gold for nothing - I hoard that stuff as though it will be useful currency in the end times.  This broke my heart a little.  Or a lot.

All of that had to be dumped.  Sad, sad day.

Rocco went on a weird nursing strike for the first few nights we were here - only for his last feeding of the day, thank goodness, but still.  He did end up having a bottle a few times, which marked the first time he ever accepted a bottle.  It was bittersweet - sad, because this stretch when my babies are between six and eight months old is always when my milk supply starts to falter, and I've been fighting so hard to avoid problems like this; but sweet, because this lady got to feed her brother for the first time and she LOVED it.

Luckily, since then, things have gone back to normal and my supply seems to be staying strong, which is a huge answer to many prayers!

And to end on a sweet note, the kids are LOVING their new rooms.  Penelope, ever the hostess, invited everyone to a tea party on her bed.  Finneas arrived in his finest.

And that was last week - we are caught up just in time for our regularly-scheduled What's Up Weekly post tomorrow.  Sorry if you've felt a bit inundated with update posts this week!  Next week will be more normal, as far as I can tell right now.

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todd said...

Seeing those before pictures makes me very grateful for the progress you've made!!!