how it only took us twelve hours to get down to columbia.

If you've been watching Todd's instagram*, you already know that last week's moving experience was a bit rocky.  Moving out of the Cedar Falls house actually started really smoothly: we loaded the truck in record time on Wednesday, and we even spent our last night in the empty house on an air mattress so that I could spend Thursday morning cleaning walls, windows, etc.  We left town at 3:30 that afternoon.

At 5:45, we stopped at a gas station so I could feed Rocco, but when we went to get back onto the highway, the U-Haul wouldn't go faster than five miles an hour.  So Todd pulled over, and we were stuck on the shoulder of the on-ramp.  He called U-Haul at 6:15, who said they'd get someone out to help us.  By 6:30, we received a text from them that a towing company should be there in an hour.
But an hour later, the towing company called, saying they were driving around Cedar Rapids looking for us, but couldn't find us.  Which made sense, since we were close to two hours south of there!  So we called U-Haul back, who said they'd get in touch with another towing company.  ETA: 45 minutes.

I started massively freaking out, since it was getting dark, and we were just sitting in the middle of nowhere with everything we own and no way to leave.  We were just sitting ducks in a totally vulnerable position.  Plus, Rocco spent a good amount of time screaming his head off, which never helps anything.

The towing company finally arrived at 9:15, three hours after we first contacted U-Haul.  But thing is, it wasn't a tow truck, it was just a mechanic, who looked at the engine and discovered we had been leaking oil and transmission fluid, and were burning through gas at an alarming rate.  He recommended that we get towed, but we had to wait to get approval from U-Haul, and then we had to wait for the tow truck to arrive, and then we had to wait to see if we would be approved to have it towed all the way to Columbia.  (There was a very real possibility that they would just tow it as far as the nearest U-Haul rental place, where we would be expected to move all our stuff from the broken truck onto a working truck, on our own.  Um, No.)

Thank our sweet, sweet Lord that they (finally) approved us to get towed all the way to Columbia.  So once the tow truck arrived and we gave them our info and new address, Todd hopped in the car with me and we were able to get back on the road.  At 11:30 p.m.

We finally arrived at the Mission House at 3:00 a.m., almost twelve whole hours after we left Cedar Falls.  And that, friends, is how the Van Voorsts make moving even harder and more complicated than it has to be.

*BTW, if you don't follow Todd's instagram yet, you should.  It's basically the unofficial IG account for the minivan voorsts, since I'm absolutely atrocious at basically anything social media-related.  You'll get to see lots of day-to-day Van Voorsts, if that's your thing.

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todd said...

nothing like a 5 hr drive taking 12 hrs to complete. yikes! that was rough.