the kids' first trip to Columbia.

A little over a week ago, we drove down to Columbia to see our new house in person.  This time, we took all the kids, so this is how we started the day, because we're nothing if not realists:

Once we got to town, we dropped (most of) the kids off with a friend so we could go and see the house on our own.

Rocco wasn't so sure about what he saw, but he has impossible standards, so it was no surprise.

After checking it out, we went and picked up the kids, and by that point it was dinner time.  So we headed to Chipotle, then stopped at a local grocery store to grab some food for the next day's breakfast, then we went 'home'.  

When we've gone to Columbia, we've gotten the privilege of staying in this humongous house that is owned by some kind of Baptist missions organization, for the purpose of giving missionaries a place to live when they're in the States on furlough.  No one is living in it now, so they've graciously allowed Anthem to use it when we go down there.  It was so late when we arrived, and we'd had such a long day, that Laurelai conked out before we even got there.  And when I say 'conked,' I mean passed-clean-out.  

The kids got to sleep in pairs on queen-sized mattresses - Penelope and Atticus in one big bed, and Laurelai and Finneas on a big mattress on the floor right next to the big bed.  They had a BLAST.  I forgot to bring toys of any kind with us (what am I, new?!?), but they didn't really seem to mind.  They just kept parkouring all evening until Todd and I got fed up and made them go to sleep.

The next morning, the kids got up and had breakfast (yogurt, precooked bacon, and bananas - no cooking involved, and everything served on Chick-Fil-A dishware) then we dinked around for a while.  Laurelai had fun wearing Penelope's glasses, and the kids got a rare opportunity to play games on the Kindle.

We headed out late in the morning, and stopped on our way out of town to visit with an Anthem family who had just moved into their Columbia house that week.  Then we stopped at Wal-Mart to stock up on lunch and dinner items for the road, and headed home.

It was a really, really long two days, but it was fun to see the house for the first time in real life, and it was great getting to show the kids their new town.  They're all getting really excited (for the most part) to get down there and settle in, and I think this trip made it a little more real for them.

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todd said...

That was a really fun, really long weekend