what's up (weekly-ish, at this point).

I have two weeks to fill you in on, and it has been a full couple of weeks.

The weekend before last, we took a trip down to Columbia, and Rocco turned five months old.

Penelope started complaining of a sore throat on that Monday.  By Tuesday it was so bad, she wouldn't even swallow her own spit; she just kept spitting into the toilet.  I took her to urgent care, where they swabbed her throat and were able to see immediately that the culture was positive.  They prescribed amoxicillin, which was the first time Penelope had ever received an antibiotic (or any prescription medication, for that matter.  She kept asking, "Why do I have to take new medicine?  We already have tea tree oil."  #stuffhippiekidssay).  While we waited for the pharmacy to fill it, we headed over to stock up on probiotics for her to take at strategic times between doses of the antibiotic.  And I do mean STOCK UP.  I think you can safely assume from this photo that I DON'T MESS AROUND WHEN IT COMES TO GUT FLORA.

Todd brought home popsicles for ladycakes since her throat had hurt too badly all day to eat anything.

On Wednesday, Finneas helped me make breakfast, and I think this picture makes it obvious that the day started out on an epic foot.

On Friday, we had a visit from Todd's parents!  They've been living in Arizona all winter, so we hadn't seen them since shortly after Rocco was born.  It was great to see them, and everyone had a blast.

We had a dance party, and as per usual, the kids took it very seriously.  We were all in stitches watching Finneas specifically, who has the coolest moves of all the moves, and Laurelai, who is an incredibly aggressive dancer.

On Sunday, I finally got serious about this whole 'move' shenanigan we're trying to pull, and I started packing.  The girls have helped me label some boxes.  Moving is NO. JOKE.  I will take all the help I can get.

On Tuesday, Penelope started getting some small spots on her neck... then her torso... then her face... then her arms and legs.  I called the nurse, who determined it was an allergic reaction to her amoxicillin.  By dinner time, her whole face had swelled up and she was complaining of a sore throat (one of the warning signs of a more serious allergic reaction) so I drove her to the E.R.  Her airways were clear, so they prescribed a course of steroids and sent us home.

By Wednesday morning, she had hives from the top of her head, to inside her ears, to the literal bottoms of her feet - she couldn't walk without pain.  The poor lady has had a rough few weeks, but she's making it through and has had a great attitude.  We're still pumping the probiotics, and praying that she goes back to her typical, healthy self soon!

And those were the highlights from our last two weeks.  Rocco would like to wish you a very happy Tax Deadline Day from his new favorite way to sit in his old favorite seat.

Happy Friday!


todd said...

Rocco in that bouncy seat though!!!!

Amanda Cushman said...

Oh my goodness, poor Penelope! That looks so painful. Hope she is still on the mend!