missing these girls already.

We have been blessed with THE. BEST. babysitters here in Cedar Falls.  We have a small group of really great college girls who hang out with the kids so that we can go to Connection Group each week, and we even get to go on an occasional date night.  While we don't have photos with all the girls who occasionally babysit for us, I thought I'd introduce you to Ellie and Bethany, who watch the kids pretty much every week while we're at CG.

I think you can see the kids adore these ladies.

Not only do the kids love them, but Todd and I love them too.  We love getting to chat with them over dinner before we leave, and once we get home from group.  We're all going to miss you ladies SO MUCH when we move!  (You're welcome to come with us to Columbia and solve this problem... just sayin'.)

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todd said...

there seems like no other reasonable solution than you all moving to CoMo with us. thete, glad it's settled!!!