living room REEEMIXXXXX.

One thing Todd and I have been talking about a lot lately is how we're going to put our own spin on our new house, because that's one of my favorite parts of moving: adopting a new house into our family and making it our home.  Believe you me, the house we bought is a cute house, and it has a ton of space compared to what we have now, it's just lacking a little pizzazz.  But pizzazzing is my favorite thing to do, so this should be fun.

So just for funsies today, spend some time dreaming with me about what I would do with our new living room, if all our current stuff sadly evaporated and also I hit the lottery.


So, let's break this down.  Here's what I love about this room:

Couch:  Neutral but interesting, traditional but modern, extra deep for lots of comfy hours logged sitting here watching Netflix, or blogging, or breastfeeding, or caring for strung-out-sick kids.  An inordinate amount of our life is spent on or in the vicinity of our living room couch, so this baby has to have it all.  And it has to be Scotchgarded.

Rug: Ohh, lawdy.  I'm a bit of a snob/hoarder/pageant mom when it comes to rugs.  First of all, give me wool or give me death.  Second of all, it's blue and pink, and if you know me at all, you know this rug had me at blue and pink.  And third of all, this thing is huge and nothing makes me go all Mama June quite like a large-enough rug.

Chairs: I'm taking a chance on my fictitious living room remodel and picking an out-of-my-comfort-zone pair of chairs.  They're raspberry.  They're midcentury modern, for crying out loud.  And yet, I feel like there has been a midcentury-shaped, raspberry-colored hole in my heart that these chairs have surprisingly come to fill.

Table: It's carved wood and I think that is all I need to say to convince you.  Also?  It's round, and every room needs something round, or at least rounded.

Paint: I know this is 2016 in America and everyone and their mom is all WHITE WALLS, Y'ALLS.  But I have kids.  And even if I didn't, white walls remind me of motels, and I don't like motels.  The air is always so damp in motels.  So that's why I nix white walls.  Yeah, it's weird, but it works for me.


Plants: Living rooms should have stuff, you know, living in them.  I don't like pets, so I pick plants.  I pick All The Plants.  You don't have to vacuum up after them or pick up their poop or get them vaccinated, plus you can have millions of them and even kind of neglect them, and no one is going to tell you that you're the one making Sarah McLachlan cry.

Art:  I like to make sure at least some of our art is personal.  The piece I stuck in this new living room set up is a real piece painted by a real girl I know.  Plus, it's black, and I firmly, firmly believe that every room needs some black.  It keeps a room from looking like it's about to float away into space.  But I get that black can be kind of scary - if you're wanting a confidence-boost for using it in your own real or made-up living room, I thought this blog post from the online interior design company, Laurel & Wolf, had some great tips on how to use black without making your house look like something from the set of the Addams Family.

Also, I like to make sure there is at least one super hefty piece of art in there - please, when you daydream up your own imaginary living room, in the name of all that is good and right and true, do not fill a gallery wall with only 8x10 prints.  Pick at least one piece that errs on the side of "That is really huge."

And then lastly, go nutso with accessories.  I didn't put those in this rendering because sometimes I just have to walk into TJ Maxx and let the tchotchkes speak to me.  You can't force these things.  But if I had unlimited dinero, I'd grab some coffee table books, some baskets, a couple of sexy lamps, maybe a terrarium (a kennel for all my plant puppies!), definitely something gold-toned.  Maybe something marble, probably something made from natural stone or wood.  And then something teal, because I like to party.

And therrrr you have it.  This is where I'd start if I found out tomorrow I was a party princess with a dungeon full of gold, and a castle that is actually a 1962 ranch house in Missouri.  I'm halfway there in real life, anyway, so it's definitely a realistic possibility; whenever I get the news that I am, indeed, a princess, I'll be really glad I already put all this work into brainstorming.  You're welcome, Princess Me.


todd said...

I know for a fact you don't party, Paige!

lauren said...

I love it so much!