whut. up.

two bits of pertinent news this week:

1.  finneas fell and cut his head.  i was sitting three feet from him, and i heard a bonk and a scream, and simply by the time i looked up, his face was covered in blood.  i yelled to penelope to go to her room, since the sight of blood causes her to pass out.  by the time i got finneas to the kitchen from the living room, his glasses lenses were full. up. with blood.  with atticus' help, i got everything cleaned up and a band-aid on finn's head and he was right as rain.  

so i went in to get penelope and to tell her 'good job' for obeying me immediately and not asking 'why.'  at the mere sight of finn's band-aid, she passed out.  luckily, she was already laying on her bed.  after she came to, she was crying uncontrollably and said she just wanted to go to sleep, so she went to bed without eating lunch and slept for four hours.

however, when it came time to eat dinner, she was so distressed by the sight of finneas' band-aid, she couldn't stand to even sit at the table with him.  so she laid on her bed until he was done eating, and then came to the table to eat.  even still, she had to eat with her security blanket wrapped around her.

i have no idea where this blood thing came from.  anyone else's kids do this?

finally feeling better at dinner, and giving a 'pinkies-up' when todd told her to give a thumbs-up.  still her same old penelope  self!

2.  old oaky's not dead, he's surely alive!  we had called our friend stan, who had just flipped a house, to see if he could help us install a new dishwasher.  it turns out he had a working one on hand from the flip, so he brought it over for us so that we didn't have to buy a new one.  luckily we hadn't bought a new one, since once he got here he and todd discovered that there was simply some switch under the sink that had gotten flipped, turning off the power to old oaky.  once they flipped it back, old oaky was back to his ancient old dish-scrubbing self!

kind of a stupid mistake, but easily fixed, and i have a working dishwasher again without having to shell out any money for it, so i'm happy as a clam.

what happened at your house this week?


todd said...

I’m glad the dish coffin reached the resurrection from the dead.

Way to press on oaky dokey.

YAYA said...
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YAYA said...

My poor little girlfriend!

Here's an interesting article on childhood fainting.

Heather said...

You are so fortunate. Our dishwasher actually did croak, and we had a new one installed. And the bill for it came THE VERY NEXT DAY. Like, they must have mailed the invoice on their way to our house. Boo for grown-up probz.

todd said...



grown up probz can hit the showers for all I care.