whut to the up to the WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKLY.

it is now 10:30 a.m. on a friday, and i'm just now getting this post up.  it's really not my fault; i'm not sure what's been up, but google chrome wasn't working, and internet explorer always freezes our computer if we try to upload photos, and so i was rendered helpless.  i mean, i can't blog without photos - it's friday!  and what's friday without photos?

don't believe me?

exhibit A:

here, we see finneas after he had chosen his own wardrobe for the day.  this is his 'man about town' look.  (he promptly asked to go in the van after getting into his gear.)

still don't believe me?

exhibits B and C:

the neighbor lent the kids some toys that her kids had played with growing up:  a dollhouse with all the fixin's and a truck carrying a bunch of smaller trucks.  UM, HELLO?!  it's like god picked out this house for us based solely on the compatibility of the neighbors' old stuff with our kids' personalities.  i'm not kidding, these two toys have bought me HOURS UPON HOURS of leisure-mani-bonbon time.

the unexpected bonus of the toys?  they also attract random neighbor kids like moths to a flame.  (or, really, a single neighbor kid like a single moth to a - obviously single - flame.)  i went outside the other day to check on the kids and there was a non-van voorst in the mix, and i was all, 'who are you?' and he was all, 'jimmy,' and i was all, 'does anyone know you're here?' and he was all, 'my grandma,' and i was all, 'well, you're welcome any time, as long as your grandma knows where you are and it's okay with her that you come.'

which means that jimmy just walks into our house at sporadic times of day.  a little unnerving, to be sure.  like, when all your kids are napping and you're the only adult in the house and you suddenly hear someone coming in the back door.  not the funnest.  so jimmy has been issued some visiting guidelines, but we're glad we have the chance to get to know him!

also, awkward-to-no-transition: i got to see an old ames friend this week and it was bliss!  we talked gardens and novels and charleston and martin luther king jr.-related scandals.  it was all veryjustright.  it's one of those friendships where we can just pick up where we left off, and also where i can mail her clippings from martha stewart magazines just for an opportunity to mock something to a sympathetic and equally sarcastic reader.  that kind of friendship.  you know what i'm talking about.

well, y'all.  i'm outtie.  the entire time i've been posting this, i've had a tantruming toddler by my side, and i think it's time to wipe the snot off his face.  two-handed job, you know.  love y'all!  weekend it up like it's 1999.


YAYA said...

Poor little Bobcat. Cast aside, and veritably alone at the edge of the driveway while Atticus bonds with his new toy friends. Come little Bobcat. Yaya still loves you.

The Crislers said...

I saw a bunch of random MLK Jr stuff at the State Fair and was like "WHATEVER, I know the truth now," then I saw an awesome Abe Lincoln sign and said to Derek, "The only historical figure I now trust is Abe," and then said OH MAH GAH I HAVE TO TELL PAIGE THIS, TOO, and then Derek got frightened and walked away.

todd said...

@YaYa yeah, the bobcat totally has a toy story 1 woody/buzz thing going on. it’s cool, in the sequel they’ll be besties.

@The Crislers his name is honest Abe. that pretty much makes anyone else wrong for doubting him