days three and four of our trip to the black hills.

on sunday, i was totally pumped to take the kids on a hike.  it's beautiful up there and YOU GUYS, THE DIRT IS MADE OF GLITTER.  i'm not even kidding.  it's like everyone's driveway has been kissed by ke$ha.  plus, there are rocks that are made of this flaky mother-of-pearl-lookin' stuff.  it's gorgeous.  i was planning on gathering me up some pretties.  oh, and also, letting the kids enjoy nature.  that too.

this was the last happy photo snapped of me that morning.

because, like 10 minutes into our hike, i stepped off a rock (not one pictured above; it was about the height of a laying-down collie) and my weak ankle gave out and i fell and it killed and i SCREAMED  LIKE THE DICKENS.  and the dickens can scream, let me tell you.

seriously, though.  todd told me to stop screaming like that and i was all, I CAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNT!!!  (sometimes, even now, when i think back to the moment i fell, my stomach turns and i feel like throwing up.  just from the memory of how bad it hurt.)  and obviously, if i couldn't stop yelling about the pain, there was no way on earth i could walk back home on my own.  so he alternatingly had to play 'human crutch time!' and also carry me up the hill to get back home.  in between spurts of me trying to tough it out and crawl on all fours while bawling like a girl baby.  it was a pretty sight, i must say.

at least the kids had fun walking home.

needless to say, we laid low the rest of the day.  also, atticus got close enough to a bird that he could have gotten lice just by sharing its air.  i'm pretty sure he didn't, though.

the next day, we all went to mount rushmore, which was more of a rush than the hike.  HAHAHAHAHA.  haha.  no, really, though, i hate that joke and i hate myself a little for telling it.  oh well.

also, the kids were obviously beyond thrilled to see such a breathtaking tribute to our great leaders.

and, lastly, penelope sums up the day in the most succinct and adorable way possible.  you'll die.  i swear you will.


the jersk. said...

OHHHHHHHH MYYYYY GOSHHHHHHHHHHHH mushmushmore. i can't even deal.

todd said...

I love the editing on some of these photos. The colors look awesomesauce!

And by the dubs, dickens sound a lot like banshees apparently.

I’m surprised no mountain lions took the opportunity to discover the human buffet.

YAYA said...

s'more mashmushmore, please!