happy van-niversary!

yesterday todd and i celebrated our seven year anniversary!  we partied hard by going to church, having some friends over for pizza-for-lunch, and taking naps in the afternoon.  then i made popcorn for dinner.  WHOOP WHOOP!

i asked todd if he was feeling the seven-year itch, and he was like, 'no, are you?' and i was like, 'no.'  which is cause for celebration of the crazier sort than some naps and a two-star dinner.  so tomorrow night, a friend of ours is going to watch the kids so we can go out for a little while.

it's been a great seven years.  we've been through a lot together: three moves, four kids, a church plant (which is essentially like two or three additional kids).  seven years isn't a huge long time, but we've packed a lot of fullness into that time.  and i'd do it all over again, a million times over, and pick todd every single time.

he's genuinely my best friend, as trite as it may sound.  whenever something good happens, i want to tell him first.  whenever something bad happens, i want to tell him first.  he makes me laugh more than anyone else, and he's smart, and he is spiritually way beyond me and challenges me every day.  he loves me and leads me well, he loves our kids and is an awesome dad.  if i'm going to be real about it, i'm a jerk to him sometimes, and he's a jerk to me sometimes, and we deal with it and move forward as a team.  he's easy to love, even when he's not.  if that makes sense.

also?  he tolerates me defacing our wedding photos with my sorry microsoft paint skills.

arrrrrgh, happy anniversary, soulmatey!  looking forward to HUNDREDS more!


todd said...

I like your arrrrrrrrrrt. Glad you unburied these treasures.

Jessica said...

I used Microsoft Paint like 10 times at work last week. I felt that I was channeling my inner Paige VV. :)

Happy 7th! Here's to 70x7 more!

Heather said...

Happy anniversary, me hearties!

Ours is today. We are celebrating by using Joe's scheduled-six-months-ago day off by mowing the lawn and making a meal plan for September and driving our kids to band camp, football practice, and a voice lesson.

'S wonderful, 's marvelous, 's our life.