random blog about fruit.

so, i had no idea what to blog about today, as i am still mourning the return from Happy Fun Vacation Land Luxury Time!!!! to blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanormallifemehhhhhhhh.  i realize that i've let the grieving process go on entirely too long, but i'm not sorry about it.

so anyway.  in attempting to post every day this week, because life isn't so hopeless and pointless and worthless as to not blog, i decided to pass along a very solid, useful piece of information.  are you ready for it?


If You Only Buy Groceries Once Every Three Weeks, Here Is the Order In Which You Should Serve Fruit To Your Children So It Doesn't Go Bad But You Still Have Fruit To Serve Every Day:

1. berries
2. bananas (bought slightly green, so they're ripe once the berries have been eaten)
3. peaches, plums
4. pineapple
5. grapes
6. melon, if you're into eating that stuff.  we don't, so we skip #6.
7. apples, oranges, clementines
8. dried fruit

The Same Three-Week Premise, But With Raw Vegetables This Time:

1. snap peas
2. peppers
3. celery
4. carrots

and there you have it!  a bottom-of-the-barrel blog, just for you.  this post was like the dried fruit of blogs, if you will: a last ditch effort to divert attention from the utterly desperate emptiness of the fridge which is my brain.  tasty!  and, you're welcome!


todd said...

is the light on when the door is closed?

Angie Mowery said...

I have something that might perk you up, here is a link to series of books about Harry Potter's son James. So far there are 4 books completed for you to read/ printout.

Also, Happy Anniversary (a little early)!

~ Angie Mowery

Jessica said...

Oh no. Now I know that Harry Potter has a son.

I feel you about the vacation blahhhnormallifemehhhh. I have been there all week. ...and it's T-minus 6 work days until school starts which means I really SHOULDN'T have this attitude. but I does.

[Now I sound like Dobby.] Oy.