day five of our trip to the black hills.

on our fifth day of vacation, we headed to old mcdonald's farm (a petting zoo/farm thing) and the kids LOVED it.  they got to ride ponies, feed the animals, and pretend to sword fight a chicken.

laur and finneas were the most fearless of all the kids when it came to touching (or, as you'll see below, dueling) the animals.

he looks like he's trying to 'avada kadavra' that chicken.  maybe for lunch purposes?

they got to watch a pig race, ride a train, bottle-feed some baby goats, and pet baby chicks.

they got to play in the sand and get mauled by a goat.

atticus' favorite part of the petting zoo was an excavator.  absolutely no surprise there.

laur's first time in a park swing.

that goat seems to think laur's paci looks mighty tasty.

and this is how we ended the morning:

the fun starts - and apparently stops - here.

after leaving old mcdonald's farm, we headed to regular mcdonald's restaurant.  by the time we got there, laurelai was passed clean out.

oh, also?  it hailed.  because that's just what the weather do in the black hills.

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