day two of our trip to the black hills.

the first full day at todd's parents' house, we just hung out at the house and really 'vacationed!'

the first thing atticus did was set up camp in the rock beds, setting up an elaborate 'construction site.'  no surprise there.

considering how much he loves his toy bobcat, it was almost surreal for him when he got to ride, and DRIVE, papa tony's real-life bobcat.  he even got to scoop rocks.

this looks like it should be an old-timey photo, taken when people were told to frown and  pose next to stuff.  todd says i should sepia-tone it.  thoughts?

then tony took the kids for rides on the ATV.

finneas was a total boss about riding this thing.  the other kids were a tiny bit nervous at first, but finneas was calm as a cucumber, and as tony took off down the driveway, he simply said, 'bye, dad.'

i even took a turn on the back of the ATV after the kids were done, and tony took me up into some of the national forest area, which was beautiful, and there was this deer in a clearing, just standing and watching us.  i felt like i was transported into some kind of thomas kinkade painting.  in a good way.

and then tony let the kids feed Joe the Horse some treats.

and the kids played in the pool.  (have you started to see that the van voorsts vacation to make it count?)

if atticus only had a beer in his hand, he would appear to be the ultimate expert on Vacationing Like an American.  stars-and-bars tshirt and all.

laurelai won the hearts and affections of all, but is that a shocker?

and the kids ended the day with a sword fight and dirt-covered bottoms and pockets full of rocks.  i can't think of a better way to kick off vacation!  (for the kids.  for me, a better way to kick off vacation would involve a margarita, but this was a veryveryclose second.)

much love from the van voorst family!

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todd said...

i can feel the warm sun and lack of humidity and bugs even now if if I close my eyes.