i'm not sure what is going on here, but it feels like relational drama.

i know that the last time i posted some vintage writings by yours truly, i mentioned i would occasionally post them on thursdays, and i even started a #throwbackthursday label to categorize future blogs.  strangely enough, i posted that original on a tuesday, and also, today is monday i'm sharing some more.  oh well, though; wouldn't you prefer to think it's thursday than monday anyway?  i would.  therefore, the hashtag still stands.

Dear Dandelion by paige chorpening, age 8

Dear Dandelion,

thank-you for coming to my tea and taffey party.  i am sorry for closing the door on you.  please for-give me.  thank-you for not giving-up.  i'm glad you didn't.  did you get stuck in that cloudburst?

but next time do what the letter says.  you need to read a little closer.  the letter said to stay as you were.  i don't care that you were going to get a haircut.  it's just that you wanted to be a dapper dandy.  then after you were a dapper dandy, i couldn't reconize you.  i'm not mad, just next time read a little closer.

you friend,
jennifer girraff.

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todd said...

I’d like to hear more from little miss jennifer girraff