our last few days in the black hills.

okay, guys.  i know that endlessly rehashing vacation is really only fun for the people who went, and eventually a never ending string of photo-filled blog posts is essentially the same as a really boring night with a slide projector and someone's trillion-and-one photos of the eiffel tower.  so i'll wrap this up.  unless y'all start screaming ENCORE at me and i have to come back out and post some more and take a bow and post some more.  but until that happens, this is the last post, mkay?  mkay.

we took the kids on the 1880 steam engine, which was fun for most involved.  finneas and laurelai were antsy, which meant todd and i were antsy, but the big kids LOVED it.  i mean, like, seriously loved it.  then we asked a stranger to take a picture of the six of us, since we don't get many pictures with all of us in them, and this happened:

it was the best we could get.  oh well.  we got a few of each of us individually with the kids.

the next day, we laid low at home, letting the kids run around, and drive the gator, and swim in the pool.

here, they're playing 'the princess bride.'  this melts my heart.

well, laur clearly loved it.  (after she was out of the pool, and dried off, and playing with grandma, she was a much happier camper.)

it was super hot, so finneas found himself shirtless and 'helping' papa tony polish off his smoothie.

the next day, we headed for home.  at our first rest stop in south dakota we parked next to a family from huxley (small world!) and got overrun by grasshoppers.  my mind kept pulling images from the bible and from the little house on the prairie book (whichever one it was) where there were just swarms of locusts.  it was pretty sick, and i could see why god would use them to plague people.  (if you look closely, you may be able to see the clouds of grasshoppers flying up as the boys run through them, though even then the photos don't do the crunchy, buzzy grossness of it much justice.)

and these photos sum up our trip home:

sitting on the cooler, bottle-feeding laurelai as we drive so we don't have to pull over.  yes, todd is taking a photo when he should be driving.  so sue him.  but don't really.

eating dinner at a mosquito-infested rest stop.  we were soooo ready to be home at this point.  but the kids held up well!

and that was our trip to the black hills!  


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todd said...

encore = jay z
take a bow = rihanna

what are you getting at soul sister?

Heather said...

Encore, encore!

I love vacation reports.