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a while ago, my mom brought me these boxes full of old school work and papers and whatnot, and the other night i decided to start going through them.  apparently, i was a burgeoning writer from day one.  (verily i say unto thee, i had an affinity for parenthetical remarks as early as first grade!)  i just can't keep these literary gems to myself, so i've decided to occasionally share some of my prehistoric blogs-before-there-were-blogs with you, starting today!

today's stories are brought to you by paige chorpening, age 8.  (all spelling and grammar, etc, left intact, minus bothering with capitalization in the transcription process because i'm a really lazy typist.)

one day i was out playing and i saw a shamrock.  i bent over, picked it up and made a wish that i was a princess.  it changed my look so much, my family didn't reconize me.  they said, "WHO THE HECK ARE YOU?"
the end.

Leprochan DEATH
one day i met a ity, bity, tiny, weenie, leprochoan named jenny elizabeth.  so i steped on her and her guts were never seen again.
the end.

The Pueblo
i would like to live in a pueblo becuse it's doors are in the roof, with a latter through it to go down so it would be fun to do that.  so if i lived in one i would be proud.  you know what my sister said, "what's a puebwo?" i said, "it's a house long ago, and that that there was only one room."
by paige chorpening

Frog and Toad Go Fishing
"let's go fishing!" said toad. that's a great idea! said frog.  let's go!  so they went fishing and they cault 22 fish!  then they set them free - well it IS a free country!  FREE!

Moon Is Striking
once the moon went on strike.  it got so mad it struck fire.  it struck a little girl's brain.  she had a bad dream.  a lady came in and asked her what was wrong.  i had a bad dream that attacked me in the hills.
the end.

one time i was going down to lunch at school and i hurd something in the wall.  at first i thought it was a mouse in the wall.  so i knocked on the wall and said, "who's in there you littel banana," i said.  then mrs. boshart came in becuase she always rembers me because i am funny.
the end.

there are plenty more stories still in the veritable goldmine that is my basement, and from here on out, i'll start posting them on occasional thursdays.  so stay tuned for #tbt, minivan voorst-style.  


Emily said...

I think this may become my new favorite blog feature. Funny and also a little disturbing. :)

todd said...

"it's a house long ago"

well said.

Mary Scheibe said...

I've been enjoying your blog, Paige, and I wanted to let you know I've been making Korean beef bowls and baked oatmeal because of you! Please keep writing! It's wonderful to see the world through your eyes!

YAYA said...

You are welcome!

todd said...

@Mary Scheibe

i completely agree!!!

todd said...
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