the weekly what's up.

what was up with us this week?  i have no idea; i had my head in a toilet for most of it.  the kids apparently stayed alive, which is noteworthy.

with everything going on right now - getting the house ready to sell, cooking a person in my uterus - i'm giving myself permission to be a little spottier than usual in my blog posting.  i'm still going to try my darndest to post something most weekdays, but it might not be quite as frequent or regular as usual.  sorry about that, but we all know it's better this way.  otherwise i might end up posting stupid updates on how buffalo wild wings is significantly less tasty in reverse.  (true story.)  or how i minorly dislocated my jaw whilst barfing.  (another true story.)  and too many of those posts gets me dangerously close to being this guy.  so i'll just lay off for the next couple of weeks or so and come back my regular perky, 'the sun shines out of my butt' self.

until then, remember this time when i was pregnant with finneas and i puked into my own eye?


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todd said...

even when you are unblogging your blog is better than mine!