video vednesday: after the third kid, people stop congratulating you. then they just treat you like you're amish.

four! well, that's one way to live your life.

if you're not bouncing over here from facebook, here's some news you may not have yet heard: we're pregnant again! WHAT?!  pretty soon i'm going to have to look into what causes this.

we were genuinely surprised a couple of days before christmas when we took the test and it came back positive, as this is the first time we didn't pencil a kid into the agenda before it happened.  and with everything else that's going on for us right now, i do feel a little overwhelmed from time to time at the prospect of another baby coming so soon, but honestly, it's almost comical at this point how little control we apparently have over our own lives.  so it's (currently) more funny than overwhelming.

while i haven't had a doctor's appointment yet, the internet tells me that my due date is august 17 - our anniversary! - and that i'm a little over eight weeks along.  considering that we have no idea when we'll move, i'm a little unsure of how to go about getting into the routine of prenatal visits - should i start them here and then switch doctors halfway through (and how does that work with global insurance charges)?  right now, i'm thinking i'll just wait a month or two and see where we're at, and if we're still in the area, go ahead and start here.  especially since i'm not overly anxious to be hauling three kids plus my tired, grouchy, bloated preggo self to town at least once a month just so they can check my pee, ask me if i'm still taking prenatals, and send me home.  so we'll see how that all plays out.

anyway.  so there's that crazy bit of news.  is your mind blown?  mine is.


Sarah said...

Yeah! Surprise babies are the only way we go :) and so far we have made it. Can I buy you some tasty gf comfort food to celebrate?

Emily said...

Wow! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Breast feeding issues have always been my sign that a baby might be around the corner or I should say already implanted into my lovely uterus?

Congratulations!!!! Children are wonderful!

whenjeskasparks said...

woooooooooooooooooo! i love that you are on four kids! you are such an amazing momma and wife!
admittedly, i'm hella frightened to get married and have kids because i barely feel old enough but you give me so much hope and inspiration.
i love you and i'm excited to see you in five months! (or at the very hopeful-est, before then! once per kid and all. ;)

todd said...

well, this is an odd way to find out we're pregnant!


Jenni and Dan said...

Wow! Congratulations my friend! I love you. You're such a great mom.