moving at a snail's pace.

this whole  'getting the house ready to sell thing' is hard.  who knew?!

first off, it's been a slowwwwww process, as it's hard to know from one day to the next how i'll be feeling and if i have any energy to do much other than lie on the couch like a turd.  second off, since i hadn't been planning on moving, i wasn't living/organizing/cleaning as though anything other than our occupational health depended on it.  and third off, have you ever tried to do anything of significance while attempting to also be responsible for kids?!  my word.  it's like they have some kind of radar for adult productivity and as soon as it starts beeping they're all like, 'thwart it! thwart it!'

so i'm feeling the need to celebrate a few small victories, just to keep myself from curling up into a ball and crying myself to sleep over my complete uselessness.  so here's what we've accomplished so far:

- cleaned out the storage room
- started to purge the basement
- took a few bed frames to goodwill (and had them rejected.  you know your stuff is in bad shape when goodwill doesn't want it.)
- bought a bed for our front bedroom that will eventually become penelope's big girl bed

short list.  but it's something.

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todd said...

it may only be the tail of the elephant, but it had to be eaten some time or another and it's more elephant than what we started with.

thank you for your hard work!