my new year's resolution: make no new year's resolutions.

everyone and their moms are making new years resolutions and posting them on their blogs right about now.  i bet a bunch of people started blogging just so they could tell the world their resolutions.  i bet other people made resolutions about blogging their resolutions.

i, however, am not one of those people.  no; this year i'm all, 'screw resolutions.  let's let 2013 run willy-nilly through the streets.'

it is a shocker, even to me, seeing as how i am a hardcore list-keeper and goal-setter and task-accomplisher.  but you know what?  last year i set nineteen goals (yes, nineteen, but if you saw the list they really weren't that unreasonable, nor were they so vague as to be unaccomplishable.  and yes, i just made that word up).  and of those, i met the following:

1. Design family photo albums and be ready to strike like a cobra when a sweet deal on printing comes up.  (done.  in february.  i have spent the rest of my year dinking around.)

2.  Read 30 books.  (done.  and then some.  40 books, to be exact, which i'm pretty proud of.  and because i completed most of my reading while i was sitting on the couch nursing finneas, i can say that most of it did not fit in the 'dinking around' category mentioned above.)

and while i'm pretty proud of those two accomplishments, meeting two out of nineteen goals is a sorry, sorry record.  so to help myself feel better about myself come january 1, 2014, i will not be setting goals this year.  i'm just going to throw personal resolve to the wind and see where the year takes me.

i'll probably end up a listless, directionless, pathetic excuse for a human being.  with nothing to work toward, i'll most likely even end up backsliding.  but at least i won't feel guilty about it come the countdown next year.  so in the end, it'll probably feel like a win.

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todd said...

i resolve to hold you accountable to this.