quick prupdate.

you know, pregnancy update.  or i guess it could also mean prison update, but in this case it doesn't.  pregnancy it is.

this part of pregnancy is always a bit rough for me, so i'm taking it one day at a time.  it's been challenging trying to get stuff done on the house while simultaneously refusing to leave the couch.  the house is a disaster and it's driving me crazy.

no specific cravings yet; things will sound good for a while, but nothing stands out as being an overarching craving.  no aversions either, unless you count smells.  anything that smells like people grosses me out - skin, diapers, breath.  yuck.  my sense of smell is really heightened right now, so it's difficult sometimes to even cuddle finneas close enough to feed him since he just smells like finneas.  on the up side, the kids have been getting more baths and tooth-brushings as a result.  silver lining.

messy house, useless mom and wife, stinky kids: that about sums it up.  so nothing out of the ordinary over here.

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